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Contemporary Clinical Dentistry

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2015| Sep  | Volume 6 | Issue 6  

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Raising the awareness of infant ora mutilation - myths and facts p. 137
Arthur M Kemoli
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The good, the bad and the ugly!! - Antibiotics p. 139
SG Damle
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Association of Fc gamma-receptors IIa, IIIa, and IIIb genetic polymorphism with susceptibility to chronic periodontitis in South Indian population p. 141
Veenu Madaan Hans, Dhoom Singh Mehta, Mayank Hans
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Correlation of dental pulp stones, carotid artery and renal calcifications using digital panoramic radiography and ultrasonography p. 147
Garima Yeluri, C Anand Kumar, Namita Raghav
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Estimation of salivary tumor necrosis factor-alpha in chronic and aggressive periodontitis patients p. 152
Sheeja S Varghese, Hima Thomas, ND Jayakumar, M Sankari, Reema Lakshmanan
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Estimation of serum, salivary immunoglobulin G, immunoglobulin A levels and total protein, hemoglobin in smokeless tobacco chewers and oral submucous fibrosis patients p. 157
Chandrakanth Balakrishnan, Nalini Aswath
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Evaluation and comparison of the microhardness of enamel after bleaching with fluoride free and fluoride containing carbamide peroxide bleaching agents and post bleaching anticay application: An in vitro study p. 163
Liza George, Allu Baby, T Prasanth Dhanapal, KM Charlie, Asha Joseph, Anjum Anna Varghese
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Prevalence of gingival biotype and its relationship to clinical parameters p. 167
Rucha Shah, NK Sowmya, DS Mehta
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Role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of oral submucous fibrosis: A preliminary prospective study p. 172
GK Shakunthala, Rajeshwari G Annigeri, Shantala Arunkumar
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Prevalence of aberrant dental morphological details in 6-10 year old school children in an Indian population p. 175
M Kirthiga, M Manju, R Praveen, W Umesh
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Detection and measurement of oral malodor in chronic periodontitis patients and its correlation with levels of select oral anaerobes in subgingival plaque p. 181
HS Grover, Anshu Blaggana, Yashika Jain, Neha Saini
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Evaluation and comparison of the efficacy of low fluoridated and calcium phosphate-based dentifrice formulations when used with powered and manual toothbrush in children with autism p. 188
Prateek Awasthi, Bharti Peshwani, Shilpi Tiwari, Ruchi Thakur, ND Shashikiran, Shilpy Singla
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Gorlin–Goltz syndrome: A case series of 5 patients in North Indian population with comparative analysis of literature p. 192
Jeevan Lata, Nitin Verma, Amandeep Kaur
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Evaluation of arch width among Class I normal occlusion, Class II Division 1, Class II Division 2, and Class III malocclusion in Indian population p. 202
Dolly Patel, Falguni Mehta, Nimesh Patel, Nishit Mehta, Ipist Trivedi, Apexa Mehta
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Prediction of canine and premolar size using the widths of various permanent teeth combinations: A cross-sectional study p. 210
Kalasandhya Vanjari, Sivakumar Nuvvula, Rekhalakshmi Kamatham
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Importance of cephalographs in diagnosis of patients with sleep apnea p. 221
Nimma Vijaya Laxmi, Harshavardhan Talla, Deepika Meesala, Shakuntala Soujanya, Nithya Naomi, Manasa Poosa
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C-deletion in exon 4 codon 63 of p53 gene as a molecular marker for oral squamous cell carcinoma: A preliminary study p. 227
Hemani Sukhija, Rajkumar Krishnan, N Balachander, Karthik Raghavendhar, Ramya Ramadoss, Sukanta Sen
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Validation of dental impact on daily living questionnaire among tribal population of India p. 235
CV Deepan Kumar, Shamaz Mohamed, Chandrashekar Janakiram, Joe Joseph
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Knowledge and awareness of informed consent among orthodontists and patients: A pilot study p. 242
Anitha Alagesan, Vina Vaswani, Ravi Vaswani, Uma Kulkarni
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Evaluation of anti-microbial activity of spore powder of Ganoderma lucidum on clinical isolates of Prevotella intermedia: A pilot study p. 248
Ranganath N Nayak, PT Dixitraj, Aarati Nayak, Kishore Bhat
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Identifying risk groups for osteoporosis by digital panoramic radiography p. 253
Satish Alapati, Reddy Sudhakara Reddy, Ramesh Tatapudi, Ramya Kotha, Naveen Kumar Bodu, Saikiran Chennoju
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Telescopic overdenture for oral rehabilitation of ectodermal dysplasia patient p. 258
Charu Gupta, Mahesh Verma, Rekha Gupta, Shubhra Gill
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Buccal mucosal hypertrophy secondary to open bite p. 262
S Nilima, Anuj Sharma
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Benign fibrous histiocytoma: A rare case involving jaw bone p. 266
Hitesh Shoor, Keerthilatha M Pai, Ankur Kaur Shergill, Abhay Taranath Kamath
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Conservative management of dens evaginatus and attached supernumerary tooth/odontome in mandibular premolar with dual radiolucencies p. 269
Naseem Shah, Ganesh Ranganath Jadhav, Priya Mittal, Ajay Logani
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Management of residual mucogingival defect resulting from the excision of recurrent peripheral ossifying fibroma by periodontal plastic surgical procedure p. 274
Sanjeev Kumar Salaria, Neha Gupta, Vineet Bhatia, Amit Nayar
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Paracetamol induced Steven-Johnson syndrome: A rare case report p. 278
Rajan Rajput, Shitalkumar Sagari, Astha Durgavanshi, Alpana Kanwar
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Unusual presentation of oral amyloidosis p. 282
William P.P Silva, Bruna F Wastner, Joslei C Bohn, Juliana E Jung, Juliana L Schussel, Laurindo M Sassi
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Leprous macrocheilia: A rare clinical presentation p. 285
Ajas Anil Gogri, Sonali G Kadam, Hemant R Umarji, Jagdish V Tupkari
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Cone-beam computed tomography exploration and surgical management of palatal, inverted, and impacted mesiodens p. 289
Mounir Omami, Abdellatif Chokri, Hajer Hentati, Jamil Selmi
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Surgical augmentation of interdental papilla - A case series p. 294
Santhanakrishnan Muthukumar, Suresh Rangarao
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