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Journal of Indian Association of Pediatric Surgeons

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2011| October-December  | Volume 16 | Issue 4  

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Presidential Address at 37 th Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons, Chennai, October 2011; The future - Are we ready? p. 123
Ashley L.J D'Cruz
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Neonatal posterior sagittal anorectoplasty for a subset of males with high anorectal malformations p. 126
Nilesh G Nagdeve, Pravin D Bhingare, Harish R Naik
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Intravesical pressure: A new prognostic indicator in congenital diaphragmatic hernia p. 129
Mohan K Abraham, Naveen Viswanath, P Ramakrishnan, S Bindu, P Kedari, Aisha Naaz, Lukman O Abdur Rahman, Abdulrasheed A Nasir, Sharon Mohan, R Shivji, P Sasidharan
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Interventional sialendoscopy for treatment of juvenile recurrent parotitis p. 132
Celeste Gary, Evelyn A Kluka, Barry Schaitkin, Rohan R Walvekar
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Nissen fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux: No deterioration of gastric emptying measured by 13C-acetate breath test p. 137
Tadao Okada, Shohei Honda, Hisayuki Miyagi, Masashi Minato
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Scrotal fixation in the management of low undescended testes p. 142
Paul A Sutton, Owen J Greene, Louise Adamson, Shailinder Jit Singh
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Immediate complications of percutaneous central venous cannulation in children p. 145
Geetika Dheer, Gurmeet Kaur Chaudhry, Tejinder Singh
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Acute gastric volvulus: Late-onset ischemic consequences and their management p. 148
Kshama Vasudev Kulkarni, Sudipta Sen, Sampath Karl, VR Ravikumar
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Recurrent malignant juxtaglomerular cell tumor: A rare cause of malignant hypertension in a child p. 152
Altaf H Shera, Aejaz A Baba, Iftikhar H Bakshi, Iqbal A Lone
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Intraperitoneal leech: A rare complication of leech bite p. 155
Manoj Saha, Sedengulie Nagi
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Hypospadias with dorsal chordee: Case report of a novel approach for correction p. 158
Shivaji B Mane, Jamir D Arlikar, Suyodhan Reddy, Nitin P Dhende
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Primary pigmented nodular adrenocortical disease p. 160
Marie T Manipadam, Rachel Abraham, Sudipta Sen, Anna Simon
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Animal bite of penis in a neonate and macroscopic repair p. 163
Pankaj Haldar, Partha P Mukherjee, Tapan J Ghosh, Ram M Shukla, Biswanath Mukhopadhyay
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Proximal hypospadias with skin-covered shaft of penis and absent urethral plate: An unknown variant and its management p. 165
Kumar A Rashid, Nisar A Bhat
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Congenital pouch colon with ileovesical and colovesical fistulae: A new variant p. 167
Bilal Mirza, Lubna Ijaz, Maham Zaman, Afzal Sheikh
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Accessory scrotum in the perineum p. 169
Pananghat A Kumar, Pavai Arunachalam, Prasanna N Kumar
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Amyand's hernia p. 171
Kulwant Singh, Rana Ranjit Singh, Sundeep Kaur
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Role of propranolol in hemangiomas p. 173
Vishal Gajbhiye, Sasanka Nath, Souvik Chatterjee, Avidip De, Dipak Ghosh, Sukanta Kumar Das
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Ingested foreign body lodged in the appendix p. 174
Vipul D Yagnik
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