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Indian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

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2018| July-September  | Volume 5 | Issue 3  

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Pilgrim's progress p. 137
Kalkunte R Suresh
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Why, how, and where to publish? p. 139
Edwin Stephen
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How to choose title and keywords for manuscript according to medical subject headings p. 141
Himel Mondal, Shaikat Mondal, Sarika Mondal
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Can pre and postoperative vein diameter and postoperative flow velocities influence the patency of vascular access in hemodialysis patients? p. 145
Venu Manne, Vedamurthy Reddy Pogula, Mallikarjuna Reddy Nalubolu, Vijayabhaskar Reddy Gouru, Ranadheer Byram, Sudeep Bodduluri
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Management of klippel-trenaunay syndrome from a single center in India: Experience shared p. 149
Prabhu Premkumar, Edwin Stephen, Joel Mathew John, Albert Abhinay Kota, Vimalin Samuel, Dheepak Selvaraj, Sunil Agarwal
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Assessment of preprocedure difference in the supine and dependent transcutaneous tissue oxygenation to prognosticate pain relief, following chemical lumbar sympathectomy for critical limb ischemia in thromboangiitis obliterans p. 154
Jonathan Sadhu Reddipogu, Indrani Sen, Lakshmanan Jeyaseelan, Shyamkumar Nidugala Keshava, Edwin Stephen, Sunil Agarwal
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Results of intralesional injection of n-butyl cyanoacrylate (NBCA) and fibrin glue in hemangioma and low flow vascular malformations p. 160
Pawan Agarwal, Anand Sharma, D Sharma
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Endovascular management of peripheral congenital arteriovenous malformation and arteriovenous fistula in Nepal p. 165
Sandeep Raj Pandey
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Venous thoracic outlet syndrome: A short review p. 168
Edwin Stephen, Albert Abhinay Kota, Dheepak Selvaraj, Vimalin Samuel, Prabhu Premkumar, Sunil Agarwal
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Story of warfarin: From rat poison to lifesaving drug p. 174
Sreekumar Ramachandran, Shivanesan Pitchai
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Management of free-floating thrombus in the arch of the aorta in a case of upper limb ischemia p. 176
Devender Singh
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Extravascular endoconduit for compromised access route in patients with ruptured thoracic aortic aneurysm p. 179
Akimasa Morisaki, Sohgawa Etsuji, Murakami Takashi, Shibata Toshihiko
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Endovascular management of postthrombotic ilio-iliac arteriovenous fistula with occluded common iliac vein: A case report and literature review p. 182
C P S Sravan, Vivek Anand, S Indushekar, Sumanth Raj, Vaibhav Lende, Dharmesh Davra, Piyushkumar Jain, S Roshan Rodney, Hemant Chaudhari, M Vishnu, KR Suresh
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Comments on endovascular management of postthrombotic ilio-iliac arteriovenous fistula with occluded common iliac vein: A case report and literature review p. 186
Seshadri Raju
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Endovascular management of inflammatory superior mesenteric artery aneurysm: A case report and review of literature p. 187
Vaibhav Pralhad Lende, Vivekananda , C P S Sravan, P Jain, D Davra, H Chaudhari, R Rodney, V Motukuru, K Sumanth Raj, KR Suresh
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Successful embolectomy for an acute mesenteric ischemia following acute myocardial infarction in a patient with chronic atrial fibrillation p. 191
Abdellah Rezziki, H Alzaarir, O Anane, T Abutayf, A Benzirar, O Elmahi
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Infected double graft explantation in graft enteric erosion p. 195
Ashutosh Pandey, Abhinay Reddy, Harjeet Singh, Ujjwal Gorsi, Ajay Savlania
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Secondary aortoenteric fistula: Review of a case and literature p. 198
Sandeep Raj Pandey, Sheorain Virender, Grover Tarun, Parakh Rajiv
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A rare complication after blood donation: Brachial artery pseudoaneurysm p. 201
Lokesh Shekher Jaiswal, Tanveer Khan, Narendra Pandit
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Leiomyosarcoma of infrarenal inferior vena cava: A single institution experience and review of literature p. 203
Achintya Sharma, MK Ayappan, Radhakrishnan Raju, Kapil Mathur, Pranay Pawar
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Intimal sarcoma of the popliteal artery presenting as popliteal artery aneurysm: A rare case report p. 208
Mahmood Dhahir Al-Mendalawi
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