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Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology

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2009| July-September  | Volume 27 | Issue 3  

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Emergence of novel influenza A/H1N1 virus as a pandemic agent p. 179
V Ravi
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Microbes, the moon, and A/H1N1 p. 182
Prabha Desikan
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AIDS - associated parasitic diarrhoea p. 185
DR Arora, B Arora
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Role of Borna Disease Virus in neuropsychiatric illnesses : Are we inching closer ? p. 191
R Thakur, S Sarma, B Sharma
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Probiotics p. 202
V Gupta, R Garg
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Detection of opportunistic DNA viral infections by multiplex PCR among HIV infected individuals receiving care at a tertiary care hospital in South India p. 210
J Sachithanandham, M Ramamurthy, R Kannangai, HD Daniel, OC Abraham, P Rupali, SA Pulimood, AM Abraham, G Sridharan
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Evaluation of the bactec MGIT 960 TB system for recovery and identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in a high volume tertiary care centre p. 217
C Rodrigues, S Shenai, M Sadani, N Sukhadia, M Jani, K Ajbani, A Sodha, A Mehta
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Congenital CMV infection; diagnosis in symptomatic infants p. 222
I Gandhoke, R Aggarwal, SA Hussain, ST Pasha, P Sethi, S Thakur, S Lal, S Khare
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Characterization of RPO B gene for detection of rifampicin drug resistance by SSCP and sequence analysis p. 226
SS Negi, U Singh, S Gupta, S Khare, A Rai, S Lal
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Drug resistant mutations detected by genotypic drug resistance testing in patients failing therapy in clade C HIV-1 infected individuals from India p. 231
AJ Kandathil, R Kannangai, VP Verghese, SA Pulimood, P Rupali, G Sridharan, P Grant, D Pillay, OC Abraham
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Efficacy of nasopharyngeal culture in identification of pathogens in middle ear fluid in chronic otitis media with effusion p. 237
OK Eser, K Ipci, S Alp, U Akyol, OF Unal, G Hascelik, L Sennaroglu, D Gur
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Dermatophytes, related keratinophilic and opportunistic fungi in indoor dust of houses and hospitals p. 242
I Singh, A Mishra, RKS Kushwaha
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Isolation and identification of nontuberculous mycobacteria from water and soil in central India p. 247
R Narang, P Narang, DK Mendiratta
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Microbicides in India-present and future p. 251
A Nath, S Garg
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Evaluation of a rapid immunochromatographic device for the detection of IgM & IgG antibodies to Dengue viruses (DENV) in a tertiary care hospital in South India p. 254
M Moorthy, S Chandy, K Selvaraj, AM Abraham
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Food poisoning due to Salmonella enterica serotype Weltevreden in Mangalore p. 257
B Antony, M Dias, AK Shetty, B Rekha
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Isolated pancreatic tuberculosis p. 259
KK Pandita, Sarla , S Dogra
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Neonatal melioidosis: A case report from India p. 260
MJC Noyal, BN Harish, V Bhat, SC Parija
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Mycobacterium thermoresistibile: Case report of a rarely isolated mycobacterium from Europe and review of literature p. 264
IK Neonakis, Z Gitti, F Kontos, S Baritaki, E Petinaki, M Baritaki, L Zerva, DA Spandidos
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Hantavirus infection: A case report from India p. 267
S Chandy, H Boorugu, A Chrispal, K Thomas, P Abraham, G Sridharan
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Uncommon presentation of pulmonary aspergilloma p. 270
VP Baradkar, M Mathur, S Kumar
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Familial tularaemia p. 272
E Peker, A Ayaydin, N Duran
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Ciprofloxacin breakpoints in enteric fever: Time to revise our susceptibility criteria p. 276
C Rodrigues, NJ Kumar, J Lalwani, A Mehta
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PPTCT of HIV: Two and a half year experience at MKCG medical college, Berhampur, India p. 276
M Dash, S Padhi, P Panda, D Pattnaik, B Parida
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Comparision of performance characteristics of automated PCR systems with culture for detection of MTB complex from clinical samples in Central India p. 277
P Desikan, S De, P Mishra, A Jain, N Panwalkar, M Verma, KK Maudar
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Etiology and risk factors for early onset neonatal sepsis p. 279
Shanthi Ananthakrishnan, D Gunasekaran
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Bacterial contamination of mobile phones of health care workers p. 279
P Datta, H Rani, J Chander, V Gupta
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Research snippets from the medical world p. 282
Prabha Desikan
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