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European Journal of General Dentistry

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2013| September-December  | Volume 2 | Issue 3  

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Apoptosis in normal oral tissues and odontogenesis p. 195
Ruchita Bali, Akhilesh Chandra, Renuka Verma
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Evolution of root canal sealers: An insight story p. 199
Sanjeev Tyagi, Priyesh Mishra, Parimala Tyagi
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Acupuncture: An alternative therapy in medicine and dentistry p. 219
Sharad Vaidya, Charu Kapoor, Abhishek Nagpal, Ajay Jain, Aswini Kumar Kar
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What dentists should know about oral cancer screening? p. 229
Omar B Kujan
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A simplified model for biomedical waste management in dental practices - A pilot project at Thane, India p. 235
Om N Baghele, Subodh Phadke, Ashish A Deshpande, Jayant P Deshpande, Mangala O Baghele
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Diabetes mellitus: An endodontic perspective p. 241
Pishipati Vinayak Kalyan Chakravarthy
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A study of different modes of disinfection and their effect on bacterial load in dental unit waterlines p. 246
Vatsala Singh, Chaitra Nagaraja, Shital A Hungund
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Oral health perception among officers and men of the Nigerian prisons service, Abuja p. 252
Michael Omili, Antoinette N Ofili, Vivian Omuemu
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Malocclusion and deleterious oral habits in a north Indian adolescent population: A correlational study p. 257
Nidhi Pruthi, Girish M Sogi, Shailee Fotedar
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In-vitro evaluation of an experimental method for bonding of orthodontic brackets with self-adhesive resin cements p. 264
Barat Ali Ramazanzadeh, Mohsen Merati, Hooman Shafaee, Leon Dogon, Keyvan Sohrabi
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Dental anxiety: Prevalence and associated factors p. 270
Sana Hawamdeh, Manal Awad
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A comparison of the wear resistance and hardness of two different indirect composite resins with a ceramic material, opposed to human enamel p. 274
Ahmet Kursad Culhaoglu, Joonge Park
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Evaluation of bond strength between glass fiber and resin composite using different protocols for dental splinting p. 281
Amaral R Fabrício, Queiroz C José Renato, Leite P. P. Fabíola, Reskalla N. J. F. Helcio, Rodrigo Furtado de Carvalho, Özcan Mutlu
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Three-dimensional analysis to compare parallelism of occlusal planes to the hamular notch-incisive papilla plane in dentulous and edentulous subjects p. 286
Kishan Singh, Namratha Lakshmi, Yoshaskam Agnihotri, Suraj R Suvarna, Sukant Sahoo, Prince Kumar
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Evaluation of cytotoxicity of six different flowable composites with the methyl tetrazolium test method p. 292
Muhammet Yalcin, Mustafa Ulker, Esra Ulker, Abdulkadir Sengun
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Long-term effect of tobacco on resting whole mouth salivary flow rate and pH: An institutional based comparative study p. 296
Alpana Kanwar, Kunal Sah, Neeraj Grover, Sunira Chandra, Rana Randeep Singh
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Perceived sources of stress among Malaysian dental students p. 300
Lahari Ajay Telang, Jayashri Tamanna Nerali, Ajay Telang, Pishipati Vinayak Kalyan Chakravarthy
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Oral health knowledge and practice among administrative staff at Taibah university, Madina, KSA p. 308
Mohammad Sami Ahmad, Ahmed Bhayat, Khalid H Al-Samadani, Ziad Abuong
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Oral myiasis: A rare entity p. 312
Basavaraj T Bhagawati, Manish Gupta, Shivangi Singh
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Silicone prosthesis for a patient with unilateral ear defect: A clinical case report p. 315
Ajay Singh, Shounak Ghosh, Sumana Kar, Imran Ahmed
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Unilateral gingival fibromatosis p. 320
Monal Yuwanati, Akash Akinwar
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Facial talon cusp on permanent maxillary canine: A rare dental anomaly p. 324
Seema Thakur, Reecha Gupta, Narbir S Thakur, Mohit Gupta
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Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor expressing p53 and PCNA: A true benign neoplasm? p. 328
Kunal Sah, Alka D Kale, Vijaylaxmi Kotrashetti, Sunira Chandra
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Does nature of diet consumed has an association with the prevalence of dental caries? p. 332
Vinay Kumar Bhardwaj, Nishant Negi, Shailee Fotedar, Jai Ram Kaundal
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Smoking affects periodontal health p. 332
Vinay Kumar Bhardwaj, Pravesh Jhingta, Deepak Sharma, Shailee Fotedar
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Emerging roles of dental professionals in the management of obstructive sleep apnea p. 333
Sanjeev Kumar Verma, A Balamani, KC Prabhat
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