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Neural Regeneration Research

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2015| August  | Volume 10 | Issue 8  

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Curcumin and Apigenin - novel and promising therapeutics against chronic neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease p. 1181
Madhuri Venigalla, Sandra Sonego, Erika Gyengesi, Gerald Münch
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Neuroimmunomodulatory effects of transcranial laser therapy combined with intravenous tPA administration for acute cerebral ischemic injury p. 1186
Philip V Peplow
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Nanotechnology and bio-functionalisation for peripheral nerve regeneration p. 1191
Tina Sedaghati, Alexander M Seifalian
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
A case to be made: theoretical and empirical arguments for the need to consider fatigue in post-stroke motor rehabilitation p. 1195
Annette Sterr, Leonardo Furlan
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Distribution pattern of axonal cytoskeleton proteins in the human optic nerve head p. 1198
Min Hye Kang, Dao-Yi Yu
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The neuroprotective effects of human growth hormone as a potential treatment for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis p. 1201
Jin-Young Chung, Jun-Sang Sunwoo, Min-Wook Kim, Manho Kim
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The vascular stem cell niche: roadmap for transplanted neural progenitor cells during environmental enrichment? p. 1204
Ben Waldau
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Localized regulation of the axon shaft during the emergence of collateral branches p. 1206
Gianluca Gallo
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Ubiquitin homeostasis: from neural stem cell differentiation to neuronal development p. 1209
Han-Wook Ryu, Kwon-Yul Ryu
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
The neuroprotective potential of endoplasmic reticulum chaperones p. 1211
Todd McLaughlin, Sarah X Zhang
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Fractalkine: multiple strategies to counteract glutamate receptors activation leading to neuroprotection p. 1214
Clotilde Lauro
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
A useful electroencephalography (EEG) marker of brain plasticity: delta waves p. 1216
Giovanni Assenza, Vincenzo Di Lazzaro
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Combining motor learning and brain stimulation to enhance post-stroke neurorehabilitation p. 1218
Yves Vandermeeren, Stéphanie Lefebvre
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The neuroprotective effects of (S)-3,5-dihydroxyphenylglycine preconditioning in middle cerebral artery occluded rats: a perspective as a contrivance for stroke p. 1221
Nik Nasihah Nik Ramli, Rosfaiizah Siran
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Nogo-A and its functions beyond axonal inhibition: the controversial role of Nogo-A in Parkinson's disease p. 1223
Stefanie Seiler, Hans R Widmer
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A new mechanism for protection of dopaminergic neurons mediated by astrocytes p. 1225
Juan Segura-Aguilar
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Identifying specific RGC types may shed light on their idiosyncratic responses to neuroprotection p. 1228
Manuel Vidal-Sanz, Francisco M Nadal-Nicolás, Francisco J Valiente-Soriano, Marta Agudo-Barriuso, Maria P Villegas-Pérez
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A new tool for monitoring brain function: eye tracking goes beyond assessing attention to measuring central nervous system physiology p. 1231
Uzma Samadani
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Central plasticity resulting from chronic low back pain in degenerative disorders of the spine p. 1234
Michael Luchtmann, Raimund Firsching
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases and their relationships with peripheral nerve degeneration and regeneration p. 1237
Junyang Jung
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Neuroprotective effects of atorvastatin against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury through the inhibition of endoplasmic reticulum stress p. 1239
Jian-wen Yang, Zhi-ping Hu
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Exercise preconditioning exhibits neuroprotective effects on hippocampal CA1 neuronal damage after cerebral ischemia p. 1245
Nabi Shamsaei, Mehdi Khaksari, Sohaila Erfani, Hamid Rajabi, Nahid Aboutaleb
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Activation of immediate-early response gene c-Fos protein in the rat paralimbic cortices after myocardial infarction p. 1251
Ji Yun Ahn, Hyun-Jin Tae, Jeong-Hwi Cho, In Hye Kim, Ji Hyeon Ahn, Joon Ha Park, Dong Won Kim, Jun Hwi Cho, Moo-Ho Won, Seongkweon Hong, Jae-Chul Lee, Jeong Yeol Seo
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Activation of the Notch signaling pathway promotes neurovascular repair after traumatic brain injury p. 1258
Qi-shan Ran, Yun-hu Yu, Xiao-hong Fu, Yuan-chao Wen
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Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells transplantation promotes the release of endogenous erythropoietin after ischemic stroke p. 1265
Wen Lv, Wen-yu Li, Xiao-yan Xu, Hong Jiang, Oh Yong Bang
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The key target of neuroprotection after the onset of ischemic stroke: secretory pathway Ca 2+ -ATPase 1 p. 1271
Li-hua Li, Xiang-rong Tian, Zhi-ping Hu
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Dantrolene enhances the protective effect of hypothermia on cerebral cortex neurons p. 1279
Sui-yi Xu, Feng-yun Hu, Li-jie Ren, Lei Chen, Zhu-qing Zhou, Xie-jun Zhang, Wei-ping Li
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
The E3 ubiquitin ligase seven in absentia homolog 1 may be a potential new therapeutic target for Parkinson's disease p. 1286
Zeng-lin Cai, Jing Xu, Shou-ru Xue, Yuan-yuan Liu, Yong-jin Zhang, Xin-zhi Zhang, Xuan Wang, Fang-ping Wu, Xiao-min Li
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Protective effects of components of the Chinese herb grassleaf sweetflag rhizome on PC12 cells incubated with amyloid-beta42 p. 1292
Zi-hao Liang, Xiao-hui Cheng, Zhi-gang Ruan, Han Wang, Shan-shan Li, Jing Liu, Guo-ying Li, Su-min Tian
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Electroacupuncture pretreatment exhibits anti-depressive effects by regulating hippocampal proteomics in rats with chronic restraint stress p. 1298
Zhuo Guo, Ya Tu, Tian-wei Guo, Yun-chu Wu, Xue-qin Yang, Lan Sun, Xin-jing Yang, Wen-yue Zhang, Yu Wang, Xu-hui Zhang
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Propofol promotes spinal cord injury repair by bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell transplantation p. 1305
Ya-jing Zhou, Jian-min Liu, Shu-ming Wei, Yun-hao Zhang, Zhen-hua Qu, Shu-bo Chen
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Differentiation of Wharton's jelly mesenchymal stem cells into neurons in alginate scaffold p. 1312
Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini, Attiyeh Vasaghi, Newsha Nakhlparvar, Reza Roshanravan, Tahereh Talaei-khozani, Zahra Razi
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Panax notoginseng saponins improve recovery after spinal cord transection by upregulating neurotrophic factors p. 1317
Bo Wang, Yu Li, Xuan-peng Li, Yang Li
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Buyang Huanwu decoction up-regulates Notch1 gene expression in injured spinal cord p. 1321
Zhan-peng Guo, Mi-na Huang, An-qi Liu, Ya-jiang Yuan, Jian-bo Zhao, Xi-fan Mei
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Blockade of transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 promotes regeneration after sciatic nerve injury p. 1324
Fei Ren, Hong Zhang, Chao Qi, Mei-ling Gao, Hong Wang, Xia-qing Li
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Microencapsulation improves inhibitory effects of transplanted olfactory ensheathing cells on pain after sciatic nerve injury p. 1332
Hao Zhao, Bao-lin Yang, Zeng-xu Liu, Qing Yu, Wen-jun Zhang, Keng Yuan, Hui-hong Zeng, Gao-chun Zhu, De-ming Liu, Qing Li
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Axon regeneration impediment: the role of paired immunoglobulin-like receptor B p. 1338
Jing Liu, Yan Wang, Wei Fu
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Neuroprotective effects of monosialotetrahexosylganglioside p. 1343
Ai-ping Xi, Zhong-xin Xu, Feng-li Liu, Yan-li Xu
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