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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2013| July-August  | Volume 24 | Issue 4  

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Assessment of antimicrobial potential of 10% ginger extract against Streptococcus mutans, Candida albicans, and Enterococcus faecalis: An in vitro study p. 397
Anjan Giriraju, GY Yunus
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Antimicrobial activity of plant extracts on Candida albicans: An in vitro study p. 401
Sunitha Jagalur Doddanna, Shilpa Patel, Madhusudan Astekar Sundarrao, Ravindra Setru Veerabhadrappa
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Prevalence of dentofacial abnormalities in children and adolescents with β-thalassaemia major p. 406
Arun Elangovan, Jayanthi Mungara, Elizabeth Joseph, Vignesh Guptha
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Effect of ion-implantation on surface characteristics of nickel titanium and titanium molybdenum alloy arch wires p. 411
Manu Krishnan, Seema Saraswathy, Kalathil Sukumaran, Kurian Mathew Abraham
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Evaluation of biological, physical and chemical properties of mineral trioxide aggregate mixed with 4-META/MMA-TBB p. 418
Rudra Kaul, Riyaz Farooq, Vibhuti Kaul, Altaf H Malik, Aamir Rashid Purra, Lateef Ahmad
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Finite element stress analysis on the influence of cuspal angle and superstructure materials in an implant-supported prosthesis p. 423
G Lambodaran, N Gopi Chander, M Vasantakumar
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Prevalence of work-related musculoskeletal complaints among dentists in India: A national cross-sectional survey p. 428
Vijaya K Kumar, Senthil P Kumar, Mohan R Baliga
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Comparative evaluation of stresses in tooth implant connected fixed partial denture by varying the implant design and position: A 3D finite element study p. 439
KV Pratheep, Abby Abraham, H Annapoorni, S Vigneshwaran
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Comparison of marginal accuracy of castings fabricated by conventional casting technique and accelerated casting technique: An in vitro study p. 446
S Srikanth Reddy, Kakkirala Revathi, S Kranthikumar Reddy
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Assessment of precipitate formation on interaction of irrigants used in different combinations: An in vitro study p. 451
Amarnath Shenoy, Nagesh Bolla, Sayish , Raj K Sarath, CH Sunil Ram, Sumlatha
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Determination of craniofacial relation among the subethnic Indian population: A modified approach (vertical evaluation) p. 456
A Sumathi Felicita, Shyamala Chandrasekar, KK Shanthasundari
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Efficacy of crystallization test for screening of oral squamous cell carcinoma with clinico-pathological correlation p. 464
Sachin C Sarode, Gargi S Sarode, Suresh Barpande, Jagdish V Tupkari
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Evaluation of micronutrient (zinc, copper and iron) levels in periodontitis patients with and without diabetes mellitus type 2: A biochemical study p. 468
Biju Thomas, Anshuman Gautam, B Rajendra Prasad, Suchetha Kumari
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Comparing the sealing properties of mineral trioxide aggregate and an experimental ceramic based root end filling material in different environments p. 474
Seyed Mohsen Hasheminia, Sam Loriaei Nejad, Omid Dianat, Jalil Modaresi, Faranak Mahjour
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Effect of fluoride-free and fluoridated carbamide peroxide gels on the hardness and surface roughness of aesthetic restorative materials p. 478
Homayoon Alaghehmand, Behnaz Esmaeili, Sina Arab Sheibani
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Maxillary repositioning according to Frankfort horizontal plane during orthognathic surgery p. 484
Mehdi Ghoreishian, Dariush Hasheminia, Hadi Hashemzehi, Saber Khazaei
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Assessment of chemomechanical removal of carious lesions using Papacarie Duo ™: Randomized longitudinal clinical trial p. 488
Simone Ferreira Borges Matsumoto, Lara Jansiski Motta, Thays Almeida Alfaya, Carolina Cardoso Guedes, Kristianne Porta Santos Fernandes, Sandra Kalil Bussadori
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Prediction of the size of unerupted canines and premolars in an Iranian population p. 493
Mashaallah Khanehmasjedi, Leila Bassir
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Evaluation of total soluble solids content (TSSC) and endogenous pH in antimicrobials of pediatric use p. 498
Alessandro Leite Cavalcanti, Klélia Forte de Oliveira, Alidianne F. C. Xavier, Daiane S. C. Pinto, Fernando Fernandes Vieira
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Hereditary ectodermal dysplasia: Report of 11 patients from a family p. 502
Seema Vaidya, Mukund Risbud, Avinash Kshar, Praveenkumar Ramdurg
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Modified snap-on attachment with 'O-ring' for two piece hollow bulb obturator p. 507
C Gunasekar, KS Gamal Abdul Nasser, C Sabarigirinathan, K Ram Kumar
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McGibbon Syndrome: A report of three siblings p. 511
J Maria Rajathi, Ravi D Austin, Philips Mathew
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A new and simple infant assessment table p. 515
MS Muthu, JM Farzan, KM Prathibha
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Restoration of an endodontically treated premolar with limited interocclusal clearance p. 518
Sandya K Kini, Vidya Saraswathi Muliya
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Facial nerve injury following surgery for temporomandibular joint ankylosis: A prospective clinical study p. 521
S Gokkulakrishnan, Sanjay Singh, Ashish Sharma, Amit Kumar Singh, Rajshree Borah
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Comparative evaluation of antibacterial property and substantivity of chlorhexidine containing dentifrices with sodium lauryl sulfate and Tween as surfactants: An in vivo study p. 521
V Venu, AR Prabhakar, N Basappa
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Calcium phosphate cement as an alternative for formocresol in primary teeth pulpotomies p. 522
Bijimole Jose, N Ratnakumari, Mira Mohanty, HK Varma, Manoj Komath
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Oral health status of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia undergoing chemotherapy p. 523
Umme Azher, Natasha Shiggaon
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Reliability of the frontal sinus index as a maturity indicator p. 523
Ajinkya A Patil, Ameet V Revankar
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