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International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science

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2015| July-September  | Volume 5 | Issue 3  

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What is new in critical illness and injury science? Patient safety amidst chaos: Are we on the same team during emergency and critical care interventions? p. 135
Susan Moffatt-Bruce, Jennifer L Hefner, Michelle C Nguyen
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Regional anesthesia for management of acute pain in the intensive care unit p. 138
Mario De Pinto, Armagan Dagal, Brendan O'Donnell, Agnes Stogicza, Sheila Chiu, William Thomas Edwards
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Prognosis of critical surgical patients depending on the duration of stay in the ICU p. 144
Luciano Santana-Cabrera, Josefa Delia Martin-Santana, Rosa Lorenzo-Torrent, Hugo Rodriguez Perez, Manuel Sanchez-Palacios, Juan Ramon Hernandez Hernandez
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Can enteral antibiotics be used to treat pneumonia in the surgical intensive care unit? A clinical outcomes and cost comparison p. 149
Kathryn A Elofson, Rachel C Forbes, Anthony T Gerlach
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Direct (presenting primarily to trauma center) versus indirect (referred or transferred) admission of patients to the Trauma Centre of King George Medical University: One-year prospective pilot study p. 155
Vikas Verma, Girish K Singh, Santosh Kumar, Vineet Sharma, Vijaysheel Gautam, Suresh Kumar
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Complications of needle thoracostomy: A comprehensive clinical review p. 160
Brian Wernick, Heidi H Hon, Ronnie N Mubang, Anthony Cipriano, Ronson Hughes, Demicha D Rankin, David C Evans, William R Burfeind, Brian A Hoey, James Cipolla, Sagar C Galwankar, Thomas J Papadimos, Stanislaw P Stawicki, Michael S Firstenberg
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Central line complications p. 170
Craig Kornbau, Kathryn C Lee, Gwendolyn D Hughes, Michael S Firstenberg
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An overview of complications associated with open and percutaneous tracheostomy procedures p. 179
Anthony Cipriano, Melissa L Mao, Heidi H Hon, Daniel Vazquez, Stanislaw P Stawicki, Richard P Sharpe, David C Evans
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Complications of bronchoscopy: A concise synopsis p. 189
David L Stahl, Kathleen M Richard, Thomas J Papadimos
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Laparoscopy in trauma: An overview of complications and related topics p. 196
Tammy Kindel, Nicholas Latchana, Mamta Swaroop, Umer I Chaudhry, Sabrena F Noria, Rachel L Choron, Mark J Seamon, Maggie J Lin, Melissa Mao, James Cipolla, Maher El Chaar, Dane Scantling, Niels D Martin, David C Evans, Thomas J Papadimos, Stanislaw P Stawicki
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Complications of pericardiocentesis: A clinical synopsis p. 206
Rajan Kumar, Archana Sinha, Maggie J Lin, Reina Uchino, Tracy Butryn, M Shay O'Mara, Sudip Nanda, Jamshid Shirani, Stanislaw P Stawicki
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Colosplenic contained perforation secondary to colonic lymphoma p. 213
Andrei Radulescu, David Arrese, John A Bach
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The use of cryotherapy via bronchoscopy for removal of obstructing tracheobronchial thrombi p. 215
Meghan Iona Cook, Thomas John Papadimos
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Renal leak; mechanism of hypercalciuria in short-term immobilization p. 216
Majid Malaki
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Mean platelet volume a key or obstacle in clinical affairs p. 217
Majid Malaki
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Hypercapnia during endoscopic saphenectomy complicating CABG p. 218
Sujatha P Bhandary, Michael Essandoh, Saraswathi Karri, Thomas J Papadimos
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Catheter-related infections p. 219
Sora Yasri, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Extensive descending necrotizing mediastinitis can be managed conservatively p. 219
Vivek Chauhan, Surinder Thakur
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A letter in response to impact of acetazolamide use in severe exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease requiring invasive mechanical ventilation p. 220
Animesh Ray
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