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Neural Regeneration Research

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2014| 5th March  | Volume 9 | Issue 5  

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Technical comments on rodent spinal cord injuries models p. 453
Zoe Zhang, Yi Ping Zhang, Lisa B. E. Shields, Christopher B Shields
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Ligaments disruption: a new perspective in the prognosis of spinal cord injury p. 456
Rafael Martinez-Perez, Luis Jimenez-Roldan, Alfonso Lagares
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Effect of microenvironment modulation on stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury pain p. 458
Sufang Liu, Changsheng Li, Ying Xing, Feng Tao
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Extrinsic inhibitors in axon sprouting and functional recovery after spinal cord injury p. 460
Jessica M Meves, Binhai Zheng
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Repairing the injured spinal cord: sprouting versus regeneration. Is this a realistic match? p. 462
Karim Fouad, Caitlin Hurd
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Apolipoprotein E mimetic peptide protects against diffuse brain injury p. 463
Yaning Zhao, Jianmin Li, Junling Gao, Changxiang Chen, Liwei Jing, Pan Zhang, Shuxing Li
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Geniposide, the component of the Chinese herbal formula Tongluojiunao, protects amyloid-β (Aβ)1-42-mediated death of hippocampal neurons via the non-classical estrogen signaling pathway p. 474
Jiao Li, Feng Wang, Haimin Ding, Chunyan Jin, Jinyan Chen, Yanan Zhao, Xiaojing Li, Wenju Chen, Ping Sun, Yan Tan, Qi Zhang, Xu Wang, Angran Fan, Qian Hua
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rAAV/ABAD-DP-6His attenuates oxidative stress-induced injury of PC12 cells p. 481
Mingyue Jia, Mingyu Wang, Yi Yang, Yixin Chen, Dujuan Liu, Xu Wang, Lei Song, Jiang Wu, Yu Yang
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Shuganjieyu capsule increases neurotrophic factor expression in a rat model of depression p. 489
Jinhua Fu, Yingjin Zhang, Renrong Wu, Yingjun Zheng, Xianghui Zhang, Mei Yang, Jingping Zhao, Yong Liu
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Unusual neural connection between injured cingulum and brainstem in a patient with subarachnoid hemorrhage p. 498
Jeong Pyo Seo, Sung Ho Jang
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Neuronal activation by acupuncture at Yongquan (KI1) and sham acupoints in patients with disorder of consciousness: a positron emission tomography study p. 500
Hao Zhang, Xinting Sun, Sujuan Liu, Yingmao Chen, Feng Ling
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Pro-urokinase promotes angiogenesis but does not reduce neuronal apoptosis in infarcted cerebral tissue p. 502
Wei Qin, Lei Yang, Hongmei Guo, Ning Xiang, Wenli Hu
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Recombinant adenovirus-mediated overexpression of 3β-hydroxysteroid-Δ24 reductase p. 504
Xiuli Lu, Dan Jia, Chenguang Zhao, Weiqi Wang, Ting Liu, Shuchao Chen, Xiaoping Quan, Deliang Sun, Bing Gao
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Negative regulation of miRNA-9 on oligodendrocyte lineage gene 1 during hypoxic-ischemic brain damage p. 513
Lijun Yang, Hong Cui, Ting Cao
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Transient axonal glycoprotein-1 induces apoptosis-related gene expression without triggering apoptosis in U251 glioma cells p. 519
Haigang Chang, Shanshan Song, Zhongcan Chen, Yaxiao Wang, Lujun Yang, Mouxuan Du, Yiquan Ke, Ruxiang Xu, Baozhe Jin, Xiaodan Jiang
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Increased expression of Notch1 in temporal lobe epilepsy: animal models and clinical evidence p. 526
Xijin Liu, Zhiyong Yang, Yaping Yin, Xuejun Deng
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Adaptive and regulatory mechanisms in aged rats with postoperative cognitive dysfunction p. 534
Yanlin Bi, Shuyun Liu, Xinjuan Yu, Mingshan Wang, Yuelan Wang
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Preconditioning crush increases the survival rate of motor neurons after spinal root avulsion p. 540
Lin Li, Yizhi Zuo, Jianwen He,
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Analysis of the effect of repeated-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation at the Guangming point on electroencephalograms p. 549
Xin Zhang, Lingdi Fu, Yuehua Geng, Xiang Zhai, Yanhua Liu
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Acrylamide exposure impairs blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier function p. 555
Xue Yao, Yanshu Zhang, Licheng Yan, Lin Yao, Weijun Guan, Fanxu Zeng, Fuyuan Cao, Yanshu Zhang
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