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Indian Journal of Otology

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2011| July-September  | Volume 17 | Issue 3  

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Prevalence of sensorineural deafness in habitual mobile phone users p. 97
GC Sahoo, Honeymol Sebastian
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Simultaneous bilateral mastoidectomies: A safe alternative to a two-stage procedure p. 101
Mohamad Chaaban, Elliot D Lieberman, J Klemens, Miriam Redleaf
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Assessment of middle ear function in patients with cleft palate treated under "Smile Train Project" p. 105
Prachi Gautam, Ravinder Sharma, Ashish Prakash, Sanjeev Kumar, Vivek Taneja
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A study on hearing evaluation in patients of chronic renal failure p. 109
Ravinder Sharma, Sanjay Gaur, Prachi Gautam, Roopesh Tiwari, Ambika Narain, Taruni Lalchandani
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A simplified approach to assess variations in Eustachian tubal ventilatory function by Bortnick-Miller apparatus in chronic otitis media cases (dry) before surgery p. 113
Apoorva Kumar Pandey, SC Gupta, M Singh
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Anatomical landmarks: A surgical aid for identification of facial nerve to the internal acoustic meatus p. 117
Prashant E Natekar, Fatima M DeSouza
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Effect of smoking on outcome of tympanoplasty p. 120
Santosh Kumar Swain, Rankanidhi Samal, Santosh Kumar Pani
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Dilated petrosquamosal sinus, mastoid emissary vein, and external jugular vein: A rare cause of pulsatile tinnitus, vertigo, and sensorineural hearing loss p. 123
H Alsherhri, B Alqahtani, M Alqahtani
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Malignant otitis externa: An unusual presentation p. 127
Rejee Ebenezer, Feroze Khan, Sasikumaran Nair, M Sajilal
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Temporal flap approach for preauricular epidermal cyst excision p. 130
Harshavardhan N Reddy, DR Srinivas, Konappa E Reddy, C Chandrakiran
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Presentation of the cerebellar abscess and sigmoid sinus septic thrombosis secondary to chronic otitis media: Case presentation and literature review p. 132
K Polat, EE Altuntaş, K Durmuş, U Özüm, H Balaban, S Müderris
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