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Indian Journal of Nephrology

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2012| September-October  | Volume 22 | Issue 5  

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Nocturnal hemodialysis p. 323
D Ranganathan, GT John
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The Kt/V by ionic dialysance: Interpretation limits p. 333
A Alayoud, D Montassir, A Hamzi, Y Zajjari, A Bahadi, D El Kabbaj, O Maoujoud, T Aatif, K Hassani, M Benyahia, Z Oualim
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The effect of L-arginine on arterial stiffness and oxidative stress in chronic kidney disease p. 340
SK Annavarajula, KV Dakshinamurty, M. U. R. Naidu, C Prabhakar Reddy
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Determination of human cytomegalovirus pp65 antigenemia among renal transplant patients p. 347
S Moses, J Malathi, NR Singha, R Bagyalakshmi, HN Madhavan
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Anti-C1q antibodies and their association with complement components in Indian systemic lupus erythematosus patients p. 353
V Pradhan, A Rajadhyaksha, G Mahant, P Surve, M Patwardhan, S Dighe, K Ghosh
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Nondiabetic kidney disease in type 2 diabetic patients: A single center experience p. 358
U Das, KV Dakshinamurty, A Prayaga, MS Uppin
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Spectrum of acute kidney injury in the Himalayan region p. 363
S Kumar, S Raina, S Vikrant, RK Patial
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Acute interstitial nephritis and drug rash with secondary to Linezolid p. 367
S Nayak, A Nandwani, A Rastogi, V Gupta
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Transformation of membranous into anti-GBM nephritis p. 370
S Imtiaz, A Alswaida, H Rehman, N Faraz, T Afshan, H Alkafoury, S Qayyum, M AL Khoiter
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Extended spectrum beta lactamase peritonitis: Time for innovation? p. 374
R Sinha, A Bhakta
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Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis in a patient with renal amyloidosis: Case report and review of the literature p. 377
YJ Anupama, M Vankalakunti
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Strangulated umbilical hernia in a peritoneal dialysis patient p. 381
G Swarnalatha, R Rapur, Santhosh Pai, KV Dakshinamurty
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Fatal poisoning by isoniazid and rifampicin p. 385
A Sridhar, Y Sandeep, C Krishnakishore, P Sriramnaveen, Y Manjusha, V Sivakumar
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Late post transplant HIV infection with BK viremia and allograft tuberculosis in a renal transplant recipient with Kaposi sarcoma p. 388
V Viswanathan, V Kandasamy, YN Reddy, YN Reddy, A Kurien, M Mathew, G Abraham
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Reversible acute kidney injury due to bilateral papillary necrosis in a patient with leptospirosis and diabetes mellitus p. 392
PS Subrahmanian, G Abraham, K Thirumurthi, M Mathew, YN Reddy, YN Reddy
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Emphysematous infections of the urinary tract: A radiological perspective p. 395
B Sureka, BB Thukral
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Prevalence of masked hypertension among kidney donors p. 398
A Kanakaraj, R Ravichandran
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Spectrum of renal lesions in systemic lupus erythematosus: Six years' experience at a tertiary health care centre in north east India p. 399
V Raphael, P Gogoi, Y Khonglah, KG Lynrah, R Dass
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Acute tubular necrosis in dengue fever in a child p. 400
N Mehra, A Saha, NK Dubey, VV Batra
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Detection of ESBL in E.coli and K. pneumoniae isolated from urinary tract infection p. 401
BC Metri, P Jyothi, BV Peerapur
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Hypokalemic quadriparesis in an elderly female p. 402
M Naik, T Bhat, M Naqash, M Qadri, I Yusuf, I Ali, M Wani, R Roshan, Y Shah
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A case of Down syndrome with a posterior urethral valve p. 403
K Mondal, A Maheshwari, S Aneja, A Seth
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Time to pay attention to nutrition in kidney disease p. 406
AR Dutta
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