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Neural Regeneration Research

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2016| June  | Volume 11 | Issue 6  

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Endogenous bioelectric fields: a putative regulator of wound repair and regeneration in the central nervous system p. 861
Matthew L Baer, Raymond J Colello
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Neuroprotection and antioxidants p. 865
Maria LalkovicovŠ, Viera DanielisovŠ
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The intricacies of neurotrophic factor therapy for retinal ganglion cell rescue in glaucoma: a case for gene therapy p. 875
Marianna Foldvari, Ding Wen Chen
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Discovery of nigral dopaminergic neurogenesis in adult mice p. 878
Brad E Morrison
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Methylprednisolone for acute spinal cord injury: an increasingly philosophical debate p. 882
Christian A Bowers, Bornali Kundu, Gregory W.J. Hawryluk
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Oligodendrocyte ablation as a tool to study demyelinating diseases p. 886
Ahdeah Pajoohesh-Ganji, Robert H Miller
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Role of myelin auto-antigens in pain: a female connection p. 890
Veronica I Shubayev, Alex Y Strongin, Tony L Yaksh
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Bursting the unfolded protein response accelerates axonal regeneration p. 892
Maritza OŮate, Felipe A Court, Claudio Hetz
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Graphene platform for neural regenerative medicine p. 894
Tasneem Bouzid, Alexander Sinitskii, Jung Yul Lim
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Neuroprotective role of galectin-1 in central nervous system pathophysiology p. 896
Ravikumar Aalinkeel, Supriya D Mahajan
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N-acetyl proline-glycine-proline: implications for neurological disorders p. 898
Jeff W Hill, Edwin M Nemoto
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A shape shifting organelle: unusual mitochondrial phenotype determined with three-dimensional electron microscopy reconstruction p. 900
Eugenia Trushina
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Role of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor in regeneration of the central nervous system p. 902
Ushananthini Shanmugalingam, Nafisa M Jadavji, Patrice D Smith
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Neuroprotective properties of extracellular vesicles derived from mesenchymal stem cells p. 904
Akvile Jarmalaviciute, Augustas Pivoriunas
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The role of postsynaptic density proteins in neural degeneration and regeneration p. 906
Yukti Vyas, Johanna M Montgomery
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Modification of ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase L1 by reactive lipid species: role in neural regeneration and diseases of aging p. 908
Steven H Graham
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Targeting BPOZ-2 in Lewy body disease p. 910
Avik Roy
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ARBs improve stroke outcome through an AT2-dependent, BDNF-induced proangiogenic and prorecovery response p. 912
Ahmed Alhusban, Abdelrahman Y Fouda, Susan C Fagan
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The implication of neurovascular unit signaling in controlling the subtle balance between injury and repair following ischemic stroke p. 914
Ayman ElAli
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Natural product based novel small molecules with promising neurotrophic, neurogenic and anti-neuroinflammatory actions can be developed as stroke therapeutics p. 916
Priya Jhelum, R Gajendra Reddy, Arvind Kumar, Sumana Chakravarty
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Retinal ganglion cell neuroprotection induced by activation of alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors p. 918
Cindy L Linn
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Time dependent differences in gray matter volume post mild traumatic brain injury p. 920
Prabhjyot Singh, William D.S. Killgore
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Decorin treatment for reversing trabecular meshwork fibrosis in open-angle glaucoma p. 922
Lisa J Hill, Zubair Ahmed, Ann Logan
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Time- and cell-type specific changes in iron, ferritin, and transferrin in the gerbil hippocampal CA1 region after transient forebrain ischemia p. 924
Dae Young Yoo, Ki-Yeon Yoo, Joon Ha Park, Hyun Jung Kwon, Hyo Young Jung, Jong Whi Kim, Goang-Min Choi, Seung Myung Moon, Dae Won Kim, Yeo Sung Yoon, Moo-Ho Won, In Koo Hwang
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Neuroprotective effects of bloodletting at Jing points combined with mild induced hypothermia in acute severe traumatic brain injury p. 931
Yue Tu, Xiao-mei Miao, Tai-long Yi, Xu-yi Chen, Hong-tao Sun, Shi-xiang Cheng, Sai Zhang
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Developmental process of the arcuate fasciculus from infancy to adolescence: a diffusion tensor imaging study p. 937
Hyeong Jun Tak, Jin Hyun Kim, Su Min Son
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Rosiglitazone ameliorates diffuse axonal injury by reducing loss of tau and up-regulating caveolin-1 expression p. 944
Yong-lin Zhao, Jin-ning Song, Xu-dong Ma, Bin-fei Zhang, Dan-dong Li, Hong-gang Pang
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Mechanisms responsible for the effect of median nerve electrical stimulation on traumatic brain injury-induced coma: orexin-A-mediated N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor subunit NR1 upregulation p. 951
Zhen Feng, Qing Du
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Large-conductance Ca 2+ -activated K + channel involvement in suppression of cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury after electroacupuncture at Shuigou (GV26) acupoint in rats p. 957
Yong Wang, Yan Shen, Hai-ping Lin, Zhuo Li, Ying-ying Chen, Shu Wang
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Establishment of a rat model of chronic thoracolumbar cord compression with a flat plastic screw p. 963
Yong Sun, Li-hai Zhang, Yang-mu Fu, Zhi-rui Li, Jian-heng Liu, Jiang Peng, Bin Liu, Pei-fu Tang
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Central neuromechanisms underlying control of intragastric pressure through acupuncture at Zusanli (ST36) in rats: the upper cervical cord is the key link between the ascending and descending pathways p. 971
Chun-yan Yong, Shu Chen, Heng Chen, Xiao Chu, Chao Zhang, Cheng Tan, Lan Ye, Jiang-shan Li
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Atorvastatin activates autophagy and promotes neurological function recovery after spinal cord injury p. 977
Shuang Gao, Zhong-ming Zhang, Zhao-liang Shen, Kai Gao, Liang Chang, Yue Guo, Zhuo Li, Wei Wang, Ai-mei Wang
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ROCK inhibition enhances neurite outgrowth in neural stem cells by upregulating YAP expression in vitro p. 983
Xu-feng Jia, Fei Ye, Yan-bo Wang, Da-xiong Feng
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Indirubin-3′-monoxime suppresses amyloid-beta- induced apoptosis by inhibiting tau hyperphosphorylation p. 988
Shu-gang Zhang, Xiao-shan Wang, Ying-dong Zhang, Qing Di, Jing-ping Shi, Min Qian, Li-gang Xu, Xing-jian Lin, Jie Lu
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Transplantation of human adipose tissue-derived stem cells for repair of injured spiral ganglion neurons in deaf guinea pigs p. 994
Sujeong Jang, Hyong-Ho Cho, Song-Hee Kim, Kyung-Hwa Lee, Yong-Bum Cho, Jong-Seong Park, Han-Seong Jeong
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miR-148b-3p promotes migration of Schwann cells by targeting cullin-associated and neddylation-dissociated 1 p. 1001
Tian-mei Qian, Li-li Zhao, Jing Wang, Ping Li, Jing Qin, Yi-sheng Liu, Bin Yu, Fei Ding, Xiao-song Gu, Song-lin Zhou
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Synergetic effects of ciliary neurotrophic factor and olfactory ensheathing cells on optic nerve reparation (complete translation) p. 1006
Dan-ping Yin, Qing-ying Chen, Lin Liu
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Optic radiation injury in a patient with intraventricular hemorrhage: a diffusion tensor tractography study p. 1013
Sung Ho Jang, Jeong Pyo Seo
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Bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell therapy in ischemic stroke: mechanisms of action and treatment optimization strategies p. 1015
Guihong Li, Fengbo Yu, Ting Lei, Haijun Gao, Peiwen Li, Yuxue Sun, Haiyan Huang, Qingchun Mu
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