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Indian Journal of Dental Research

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2010| April-June  | Volume 21 | Issue 2  

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A common risk approach for oral health promotion and prevention p. 157
Kunal C Oswal
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Transient thermal and stress analysis of maxillary second premolar tooth using an exact three-dimensional model p. 158
Maryam Alsadat Hashemipour, Ali Mohammadpour, Seiied Abdolreza Gandjalikhan Nassab
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Biochemical evaluation in human saliva with special reference to ovulation detection p. 165
S Alagendran, G Archunan, S Velayutha Prabhu, B Enrique-A Orozco, Rosalinda Guevara Guzman
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Assessment of root canal morphology of mandibular first premolars in the Indian population using spiral computed tomography: An in vitro study p. 169
Raghu Sandhya, Natanasabapathy Velmurugan, Deivanayagam Kandaswamy
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Evaluation of alteration in mucogingival line location following use of subepithelial connective tissue graft p. 174
Fariba Saleh Saber
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Evaluation of HTR polymer (Bioplant® HTR® ) as a bone graft material in the treatment of interproximal vertical bony defects: A clinical and radiological study p. 179
Shobha Prakash, J Sunitha, Sabina Abid
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Evaluation of telomerase expression in chronic periodontitis p. 185
TM Balaji, V Vettriselvi, Solomon FD Paul, Suresh R Rao
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Assessment of diagnostic accuracy of high-resolution ultrasonography in determination of temporomandibular joint internal derangement p. 189
Sujata M Byahatti, BR Ramamurthy, M Mubeen, PG Agnihothri
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Oral hygiene practices and habits among dental professionals in Chennai p. 195
V Gopinath
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Evaluation of the effect of different surface treatments on the retention of posts: A laboratory study p. 201
DR Prithviraj, Romesh Soni, Sushma Ramaswamy, DP Shruthi
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Comparative evaluation of different strengths of electrical current in the management of dentinal hypersensitivity p. 207
Sharn Pal Sandhu, Roshan Lal Sharma, Vipin Bharti
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Role of dentifrice in plaque removal: A clinical trial p. 213
A Jayakumar, H Padmini, A Haritha, Krishnanjaneya Pathakota Reddy
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Diagnostic efficiency of toluidine blue with Lugol's iodine in oral premalignant and malignant lesions p. 218
Kamarthi Nagaraju, Shiva Prasad, L Ashok
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Efficacy of two commercially available dentifrices in reducing dentinal hypersensitivity p. 224
KVV Prasad, R Sohoni, S Tikare, M Yalamalli, G Rajesh, SB Javali
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Salivary cortisol response to psychological stress in children with early childhood caries p. 231
Halaswamy V Kambalimath, Uma B Dixit, Parimala S Thyagi
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The influence of silane evaporation procedures on microtensile bond strength between a dental ceramic and a resin cement p. 238
Carolina Nemesio de Barros Pereira, Vicente Tadeu Lopes Buono, Joao Mauricio Lima de Figueiredo Mota
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Assessment of oral health status and treatment needs of elders associated with elders' homes of Ambala division, Haryana, India p. 244
Vikram Bansal, GM Sogi, KL Veeresha
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16S rRNA-based detection of oral pathogens in coronary atherosclerotic plaque p. 248
Jaideep Mahendra, Little Mahendra, VM Kurian, K Jaishankar, R Mythilli
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Effectiveness of a school dental education program in improving oral health knowledge and oral hygiene practices and status of 12- to 13-year-old school children p. 253
Rekha P Shenoy, Peter S Sequeira
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Immunohistochemical evaluation of mast cells and angiogenesis in oral squamous cell carcinoma p. 260
Bhushan Sharma, G Sriram, TR Saraswathi, B Sivapathasundharam
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Role of bitewing in enhancing the assessment of DMFS index in a group of Indian adolescents p. 266
Praveena Tantradi, V Sreenivasan, Harish Kadaganche
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Role of genes in oro-dental diseases p. 270
B Kavitha, Vijayashree Priyadharshini, B Sivapathasundharam, TR Saraswathi
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An overview of orthodontic material degradation in oral cavity p. 275
TP Chaturvedi, SN Upadhayay
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Photodynamic therapy - A strategic review p. 285
Rajvir Malik, Anish Manocha, DK Suresh
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Congenital epulis p. 292
Bukola F Adeyemi, Abideen O Oluwasola, Akinyele O Adisa
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Fibrosarcoma of the oral cavity p. 295
Vijay Wadhwan, Minal S Chaudhary, Madhuri Gawande
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Prosthodontist contribution in treating post-burn hypertrophic facial scars p. 299
TV Padmanabhan, Kasim Mohmad, Rajiv Kumar Gupta
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Malignant melanoma of the mandibular gingiva: A rare occurrence p. 302
BVR Reddy, GR Sridhar, CH Anuradha, P Chandrasekhar, KP Lingamaneni
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Management of lateral incisor with palatal radicular groove p. 306
Manoj Kumar Hans, Ramachandra S Srinivas, Shashit B Shetty
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Bilateral lower second molar impaction in teenagers: An emergent problem? p. 309
Elio H Shinohara, Shajadi Carlos Pardo Kaba, Irineu Gregnanin Pedron, Jose Carlos Petorossi Imparato
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Immediate placement and loading of implants in anterior maxilla using an altered screw-retained implant fixed prosthesis p. 311
Mirza Rustum Baig, Gunaseelan Rajan
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