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Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology

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2011| October-December  | Volume 29 | Issue 4  

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Molecular diagnostic tests: Keeping up with mutations p. 325
R Kanungo, D Metzgar
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Ethical issues in microbiology p. 327
P Desikan, A Chakrabarti, V Muthuswamy
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Ethics in biotechnology and biosecurity p. 331
S Jameel
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Bacterial identification in the diagnostic laboratory: How much is enough? p. 336
BN Kootallur, CP Thangavelu, M Mani
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Laboratory aspects of clinically significant rapidly growing mycobacteria p. 343
R Set, J Shastri
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Transfusion-transmitted hepatitis E: Is screening warranted? p. 353
M Bajpai, E Gupta
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Association of platelet count and serological markers of dengue infection- importance of NS1 antigen p. 359
RD Kulkarni, SS Patil, GS Ajantha, AK Upadhya, AS Kalabhavi, RM Shubhada, PC Shetty, PA Jain
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Seroepidemiological study of human metapneumovirus in New Delhi, India p. 363
S Banerjee, WM Sullender, RK Ahuja, S Broor
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A rapid, sensitive and reliable diagnostic test for scrub typhus in China p. 368
Zhang Lijuan, He Si, Jin Yuming, Li Liang, Li xuemei, Liu Lianying, Yu Huilan, Yu Qiang, Chen Chuangfu, Wang Shiwen
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Detection of anthrax toxin genetic sequences by the solid phase oligo-probes p. 372
KC Addanki, M Sheraz, K Knight, K Williams, DG Pace, O Bagasra
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Evaluation of the effect of presence of blood in the stomach on endoscopic diagnostic tests for Helicobacter pylori infection p. 379
S Mittal, S Trakroo, V Kate, S Jagdish
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Occurrence and molecular characterization of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli serotypes isolated from children with diarrhoea in Najaf, Iraq p. 383
Samer A Al Hilali, Ali M Almohana
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A study of tubercular lymphadenitis: A comparison of various laboratory diagnostic modalities with a special reference to tubercular polymerase chain reaction p. 389
SA Patwardhan, P Bhargava, VM Bhide, DS Kelkar
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Opportunistic infections in relation to antiretroviral status among AIDS patients from south India p. 395
S Srirangaraj, D Venkatesha
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Evaluation of a dry format reagent for CD4+ and CD8+ T-cell enumeration with FACSCount and Guava polymerase chain reaction p. 401
J Sachithanandham, K Solomon, S Prasannakumar, G Nithyandham, R Kannangai
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Standardization of fungal polymerase chain reaction for the early diagnosis of invasive fungal infection p. 406
P Deshpande, A Shetty, A Mehta, F Kapadia, A Hedge, R Soman, C Rodrigues
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The role of a commercial enzyme immuno assay antigen detection system for diagnosis of C. trachomatis in genital swab samples p. 411
A Mukherjee, S Sood, M Bala, G Satpathy, N Mahajan, A Kapil, VK Sharma
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Complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity crossmatch in deceased donor renal transplant: A single institutional experience p. 414
R Deepa, P Balapriya, KG Venkatesh, T Sabeetha, J Sasikala, G Jayalakshmi
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A Q fever case mimicking crimean-congo haemorrhagic fever p. 418
O Karabay, HT Gozdas, G Ozturk, N Tuna, AC Utku
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Brevundimonas vesicularis bacteremia: A rare case report in a female infant p. 420
SM Bhatawadekar, J Sharma
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Isolation of Shewanella algae from rectal swabs of patients with bloody diarrhoea p. 422
R Nath, L Saikia, G Choudhury, PP Das
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Successfully treated Mycobacterium abscessus mastitis: A rare cause of breast masses p. 425
KK Yasar, F Pehlivanoglu, G Sengoz, N Cabioglu
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Microsporidial keratoconjunctivitis in an immunocompetent patient with a past history of laser in situ keratomilieusis surgery p. 428
ML Bommala, S Nalamada, S Sharma, P Garg
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Periorbital mass with cellulitis caused by dirofilaria p. 431
K Joseph, AR Vinayakumar, S Criton, MS Vishnu, SE Pariyaram
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Severe pigmented keratitis caused by Cladorrhinum bulbillosum p. 434
DU Gajjar, AK Pal, JM Santos, BK Ghodadra, AR Vasavada
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Concurrent mycetoma and chromomycosis p. 437
R Murthy, JP Swain
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Schizophyllum commune sinusitis in an immunocompetent host p. 439
B Swain, R Panigrahy, D Panigrahi
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Comment on: Yeast identification in routine clinical microbiology laboratory and its clinical relevance p. 443
Juhi Taneja, Jagdish Chander
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Omission of extended spectrum β lactamases detection: Are the new Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute guidelines misleading? p. 443
C Chande, S Makhija, S Lilani, R Shirpurkar, P Veer, A Chivate, P Patekar, A Joshi
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Spectrum of Leptospira species identified in patients with leptospiral uveitis in an ophthalmological institute in South India p. 444
V Batmanabane, GP Chidambaranathan, S Rathinam
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Need to establish importance of polymerase chain reaction for tuberculosis in smear as well as culture negative non-respiratory samples p. 445
V Gupta, N Singla, R Garg, N Gulati, H Rani, J Chander
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Primary pulmonary infection caused by 20% acid fast Nocardia brasiliensis p. 446
V Rawat, Umesh , N Thapliyal, DC Punera
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Use of the microsoft excel for automated plotting of Levey Jennings charts p. 448
D Sharma
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Erratum p. 449
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Research snippets p. 450
P Desikan
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Obituary p. 452
R Kanungo
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