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National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery

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2016| July-December  | Volume 7 | Issue 2  

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Micro surgery - need of the hour p. 113
Vijay Kumar
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Complications in the use of bilateral inferiorly based nasolabial flaps for advanced oral submucous fibrosis p. 115
Rajesh Kshirsagar, Ajay Mohite, Suman Gupta, Amod Patankar, Vikrant Sane, Pratik Raut
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Dental implants in children: A multidisciplinary perspective for long-term success p. 122
Nidhi Agarwal, Dipanshu Kumar, Ashish Anand, Surendrakumar Kaluram Bahetwar
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A study on total intravenous anesthesia in orthognathic surgical procedures p. 127
PL Vasundhar, Gokkulakrishnan Sadhasivam, Satya Bhushan, Siva Kalyan, Kho Chai Chiang
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Effects of honey in the management of alveolar osteitis: A study p. 136
Nikita Soni, Vibha Singh, Shadab Mohammad, RK Singh, US Pal, Ranjana Singh, Jyatasana Aggrwal, Mahesh Pal
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Treatment modalities for surgical management of anterior palatal fistula: Comparison of various techniques, their outcomes, and the factors governing treatment plan: A retrospective study p. 148
Krishnamurthy Bonanthaya, Pritham Shetty, Abhimanyu Sharma, Jyoti Ahlawat, Deepak Passi, Mahinder Singh
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Evaluating the use of octyl-2-cyanoacrylate in unilateral cleft lip repair p. 153
Vijaylaxmy Malhotra, JK Dayashankara Rao, Varun Arya, Shalender Sharma, Sushil Singh, Payal Luthra
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Evaluation of two socket healing procedures with and without mesenchymal stem cells: A comparative study p. 159
Abhinav Jain, Mahinder Singh, KP Ganapathy, Vikas Ramola, Deepak Passi, Komal Jain
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Comparing hemodynamic and glycemic response to local anesthesia with epinephrine and without epinephrine in patients undergoing tooth extractions p. 166
Paramjot Kaur, Rashi Bahl, Sameer Kaura, Sumit Bansal
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An epidemiological survey in hospital setup in Lucknow district: A cross-sectional study p. 173
Uma Shanker Pal, Mayank Singh, Lakshya Kumar, Pankaj Verma, RK Singh, Shailendra Kumar, GG Agarwal, Akash Asthana
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Sedation in oral and maxillofacial day care surgery: A comparative study between intravenous dexmedetomidine and midazolam p. 178
Niranjan Mishra, Krishna Gopal Birmiwal, Nibedita Pani, Subhrajit Raut, Gaurav Sharma, Krushna Chandra Rath
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Preoperative evaluation of cervical lymph nodes for metastasis in patients with oral squamous cell carcinoma: A comparative study of efficacy of palpation, ultrasonography and computed tomography p. 186
Niranjan Mishra, Krushna Chandra Rath, Upendra Nath Upadhyay, Subhrajit Raut, Shadab Ali Baig, Krishna Gopal Birmiwal
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Ameloblastic fibroma or fibrosarcoma: A dilemma of oral surgeon p. 191
Nitin Verma, Neha
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The use of mini plates for intermaxillary fixation in a severely comminuted mandibular fracture with bilateral condylar fractures p. 194
James William Clohessy, Frank Chang, Shiva S Subramaniam
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Naso-orbital fistula and socket reconstruction with radial artery forearm flap following orbital mucormycosis p. 197
Ankur Bhatnagar, Amit Agarwal
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Sialocele: A rare sequlae of transparotid approach in subcondylar fracture management p. 201
R Rajeev, S Sajesh, Mathew Jose, N Dhineksh Kumar
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HIV-associated large aggressive extranodal lymphoma of the oral cavity p. 205
Rahul Dilip Kamat, Vikas Dhupar, Francis Akkara, Anita Dhupar
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Orofacial cysticercosis: Report of a rare case with review of literature p. 209
Sharad Chand, Madan Mishra, Gaurav Singh, Abhishek Singh, Sapna Tandon
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Inadequate vertical bone dimension managed by indirect sinus grafting technique and simultaneous implant placement p. 213
Shikha Nandal, Pankaj Ghalaut, Deepika Nandal
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A systematic noninvasive approach for rehabilitation of traumatized maxillary incisors p. 217
Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Aseem Prakash Tikku, Anil Chandra, Shibha Mehta
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Indolent palatal swelling: Catch 22 p. 221
Preeti Sharma, Vijay Wadhwan, K V. Arun Kumar, Arvind Venkatesh, Timsy Thapa
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