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Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health

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2013| March-April  | Volume 6 | Issue 2  

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Recent resurgence of Chikungunya fever in Delhi, India p. 149
Tanmay Mahapatra
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Is there science behind the near-death experience: Does human consciousness survives after death? p. 151
Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya
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Plasmodium index, prevention, and control of malaria in Dschang municipality, Cameroon p. 166
Vincent K Payne, Catherine K Fusi-Ngwa, Endah Ndambi, Mbida Mpoame
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Hearing screening techniques for referral purposes: Our experience from a rural setting p. 173
Abdulazeez O Ahmed, Fatimah I Tsiga-Ahmed, Muhammad G Hasheem, Abdulrazaq Ajiya
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Predicting changing measles epidemiology in an urban West African population p. 179
Baba Usman Ahmadu, Yakubu Mava, Jose Pwavimbo Ambe, Joda Aisha Abdallah, Emmanuel Onimisi Ovansa
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Incidence of Kell blood group in Kashmiri population attending blood bank SKIMS as donors p. 183
Mohd Younus Shah, Faisal Younis Shah, Faizan Younis Shah
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Giant hydatid cysts of the lung: Analysis and surgical outcome of 67 cases p. 188
Fatih Meteroglu, Atalay Sahin, Sevval Eren, Canan Eren
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Is diagnostic protocol a cause of overestimation of extra-pulmonary tuberculosis in Himachal Pradesh? A report from a high-prevalence tuberculosis unit p. 192
Vishav Chander, SK Raina, AK Bhardwaj, S Kashyap, Anmol K Gupta, Abhilash Sood
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Thrombocytopenia in malaria and its correlation with different types of malaria p. 197
Manmeet K Gill, Manisha Makkar, Sachan Bhat, Tanveer Kaur, Kalpana Jain, Geetika Dhir
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Cysticercus cellulosae lies in the eyes of the beholder p. 201
Thomas Kodiatte, Prasad Chinaiah, Thej Mothakapalli, Harendra Kumar
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The use of estimated glomerular filtration rate in the evaluation of renal function in HIV-positive children in Enugu p. 206
Bertilla U Ezeonwu, Tagbo Oguonu, Henrietta U Okafor, Anthony N Ikefuna
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Isolation and molecular identification of actinomycetes from mycetoma patients in Sudan p. 211
Mogahid M Elhassan, Anas M Yousif, Miskelyemen A Elmekki, Mohammed E Hamid
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Reproductive tract infections among women in a peri-urban under privileged area in Bangalore, India: Knowledge, prevalence, and treatment seeking behavior p. 215
Shailendra K.B. Hegde, Twinkle Agrawal, Naveen Ramesh, Medha Sugara, Preethi M Joseph, Shipthi Singh, Sulekha Thimmaiah
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An evaluation of the pharmaceutical quality and antimicrobial effectiveness of some frequently used eye drop products available for sale in Nigeria p. 221
Ezekiel O Akinkunmi
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Situation of P. vivax malaria in Ahmedabad city: A study in purview of national guidelines p. 227
Urvish Joshi, Anand Solanki, Umesh Oza, Rajashree Bhatt, Sheetal Vyas, Pinkal Patel, Apexa Rana, Leena Dabhi
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Diagnosis of malaria in red sea state, Sudan p. 232
Ali K Ageep
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Disinfection of stethoscopes: Gap between knowledge and practice in an Indian tertiary care hospital p. 236
Anshu Jain, Harshada Shah, Amit Jain, Megha Sharma
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A cross-sectional study on patient satisfaction toward services received at rural health center, Chandigarh, North India p. 240
Abhiruchi Galhotra, Sandeep Singh Sarpal, Sorab Gupta, Naveen Krishan Goel
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Invasive aspergillosis in a HIV patient on prolonged steroid therapy p. 245
Himanshu Reddy, Sameer Saraf, Mohit Mohan Singh
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Strongyloidiasis of duodenum clinically masquerading as gastric malignancy p. 248
V Srinivasa Murthy, K Geethamala, B Deepak Kumar, M Sudha Rao
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A case of dengue fever complicated by acute transverse myelitis p. 251
Manish Gutch, Nirdesh Jain, Sukriti Kumar, Aniyang Modi
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Invasive orbital Aspergillosis in an immunocompetent individual after functional endoscopic sinus surgery p. 254
M Ashok Kumar, Srikanth Krishnagopal, Divya Manivannan, Vathsalya Ramraj
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A rare case of acute eosinophilic pneumonia p. 256
Sameer Saraf, Vivek Kumar, Mohit Mohan Singh
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An unusual case of acute painful calf swelling p. 258
Chandrashekhar A Sohoni, Dipti C Sohoni
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Mild self resolving acute leptospirosis in an HIV infected patient in south India p. 261
Anand Pai
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Does naked eye examination of QBC capillary tube give a clue for malaria diagnosis? p. 263
Sarita Mohapatra, Jyotish C Samantaray
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Opportunistic intestinal parasitic infections p. 264
Sabitha Kandi
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Menstruation during dengue hemorrhagic fever: A case study p. 265
Viroj Wiwanitkit
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