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Saudi Journal of Anaesthesia

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2015| July-September  | Volume 9 | Issue 3  

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Anesthesia for gastrointestinal endoscopy: A subspecialty in evolution? p. 237
Basavana Goudra, Preet Mohinder Singh
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Noninvasive intracranial pressure monitoring via optic nerve sheath diameter for robotic surgery in steep Trendelenburg position p. 239
Shagun Bhatia Shah, Ajay Kumar Bhargava, Itee Choudhury
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Comparative study between sugammadex and neostigmine in neurosurgical anesthesia in pediatric patients p. 247
Ayman A Ghoneim, Mohammed A El Beltagy
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Comparison of pregabalin versus ketamine in postoperative pain management in breast cancer surgery p. 253
Essam Mahran, Mohamed Elsayed Hassan
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Dexmedetomidine versus propofol in dilatation and curettage: An open-label pilot randomized controlled trial p. 258
Priyanka Sethi, Sunil Sindhi, Ankita Verma, KL Tulsiani
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Fentanyl versus tramadol with levobupivacaine for combined spinal-epidural analgesia in labor p. 263
Veena Chatrath, Ranjana Khetarpal, Sujata Sharma, Pratibha Kumari, Sudha , Kusum Bali
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Regional anesthesia in transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) surgery: A comparative study between saddle block and subarachnoid block p. 268
Susmita Bhattacharyya, Subrata Bisai, Hirak Biswas, Mandeep Kumar Tiwary, Suchismita Mallik, Swarna Mukul Saha
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Effectiveness of intravenous infusion of N-acetylcysteine in cirrhotic patients undergoing major abdominal surgeries p. 272
Eman Sayed Ibrahim, Ahmed Sharawy
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Femoral nerve block versus adductor canal block for postoperative pain control after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A randomized controlled double blind study p. 279
Mohamed Sayed El Ahl
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Evaluation of minimal dose of atracurium for cataract surgery in children: A prospective randomized double-blind study p. 283
Vanlal Darlong, Rakesh Garg, Ravinder Pandey, Sudarshan Khokhar, Chandralekha , Renu Sinha, Jyotsna Punj, Rajesh Sinha
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Repeated dose of ketamine effect to the rat hippocampus tissue p. 289
Mehtap Okyay Karaca, Mustafa Süren, Zafer Ismail Karaca, Semih Arici, Serkan Karaman, Hüseyin Aslan, Ziya Kaya, Serkan Dogru
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Ultrasound-guided ilioinguinal and iliohypogastric nerve block, a comparison with the conventional technique: An observational study p. 293
Sunita Milind Khedkar, Pradnya Milind Bhalerao, Shweta Rahul Yemul-Golhar, Kalpana Vinod Kelkar
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Efficacy of trans abdominis plane block for post cesarean delivery analgesia: A double-blind, randomized trial p. 298
Uma Srivastava, Shilpi Verma, Tapas Kumar Singh, Amrita Gupta, Avanish Saxsena, Keshav Dev Jagar, Mihir Gupta
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A survey on postanesthetic patient satisfaction in a university hospital p. 303
Adel Ali Alshehri, Yasser Mohammed Alomar, Ghali Abdulrahman Mohammed, Mazen Saud Al-Fozan, Mohammed Saleh Al-Harbi, Khalid Abduraziz Alrobai, Haroon Zahoor
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Concerns and challenges during anesthetic management of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage p. 306
Kamath Sriganesh, Sudhir Venkataramaiah
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Chronic visceral pain secondary to ventral disc herniation: Development of visceral complex regional pain syndrome p. 314
Gabriela Rocha Lauretti, Raquel de Oliveira
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Pediatric patient with Bombay blood group: A rare case report p. 318
Sudeshna Bhar (Kundu), Anisha De, Anindita Saha, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
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Fluoroscopy assisted tracheal intubation in a case of anticipated difficult airway: Fail safe devices can also fail p. 321
Appavoo Arulvelan, Madhusudhan Soumya, Kannath Santhosh
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Muscle relaxant or prone position, which one unfastened the entrapped epidural catheter? p. 324
Amir Poya Zanjani, Babak Mirzashahi, Ali Emami, Motahareh Hassani
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Airway management in a patient of ankylosing spondylitis with traumatic cervical spine injury p. 327
Nilesh Kumar, Ashish Bindra, Charu Mahajan, Naveen Yadav
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A delayed spontaneous expulsion of a three teeth bridge after 6 months period of aspiration in the right lung following cardiac surgery p. 330
El Tayeb Areeg Magzoub, Saleh Ahmed Al Ghamdi, Khalid Dagriri, Ahmed Al Fagih
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A case of anesthesia mumps after sacral laminectomy under general anesthesia p. 332
Ali Asghar, Karima Karam, Saima Rashid
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On table confirmation of the catheter tip: A requirement in times of multiple catheters in the same central vein p. 334
Shweta A Singh, AN Anil Kumar
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Resistant hypercarbia in a patient with interstitial lung disease undergoing resection for right parietoccipital meningioma p. 335
Zulfiqar Ali, Talib Khan, Sumaya Syed, Bashir Ahmad Dar, Syed Amir Zahoor
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Unusual delayed presentation of cauda equina syndrome after failed spinal anesthesia p. 336
Kewal Krishan Gupta, Gurpreet Singh, Amanjot Singh, Mukesh Kumar
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Anesthetic management of a pregnant female posted for caesarean section with biopsy proven polymyositis p. 338
Kirti Kamal, Teena Bansal, Savita Saini, Sheenam Walia
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