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Journal of Indian Society of Periodontology

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2012| January-March  | Volume 16 | Issue 1  

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Wisdom beyond bits and bytes…….. p. 1
Ashish Sham Nichani
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Moving ahead...Setting new standards p. 2
Mohamed Faizuddin
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Write to be understood speak to be heard read to grow p. 3
Balaji Manohar
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Novel and often bizarre strategies in the treatment of periodontal disease p. 4
A Jaya Kumar, Naveen Anumala, Haritha Avula
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Orthodontic-periodontics interdisciplinary approach p. 11
K Vinod, Y Giridhar Reddy, Vinay P Reddy, Hemant Nandan, Meenakshi Sharma
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Reduction in HbA1c levels following non-surgical periodontal therapy in type-2 diabetic patients with chronic generalized periodontitis: A periodontist's role p. 16
Shital Hungund, Bhrugesh J Panseriya
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Is there a relationship between periodontitis and rheumatoid arthritis? p. 22
Sarika Bhalgat Ranade, Satish Doiphode
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Association between alveolar bone loss and serum C-reactive protein levels in aggressive and chronic periodontitis patients p. 28
Rahul Chopra, Sudhir R Patil, Nagaraj B Kalburgi, Shivani Mathur
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Are lipid profiles true surrogate biomarkers of coronary heart disease in periodontitis patients? A case-control study in a south Indian population p. 32
Bagavad Gita, Chandrasekaran Sajja, Preethi Padmanabhan
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Assessment of periodontal health status in patients undergoing renal dialysis: A descriptive, cross-sectional study p. 37
Anuradha Bhatsange, Sudhir R Patil
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A comparative evaluation of atrigel delivery system (10% doxycycline hyclate) Atridox with scaling and root planing and combination therapy in treatment of periodontitis: A clinical study p. 43
Mukhatar Ahmed Javali, KL Vandana
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The effect of platelet derived growth factor-AB on periodontal ligament fibroblasts: An in vitro study p. 49
SJ Manoranjan, Mohamed Faizuddin, M Hemalatha, V Ranganath
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A study to assess and compare the peripheral blood neutrophil chemotaxis in smokers and non smokers with healthy periodontium, gingivitis, and chronic periodontitis p. 54
M Srinivas, KC Chethana, R Padma, Girish Suragimath, M Anil, BS Jagadish Pai, Amit Walvekar
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Study of neutrophils isolated from peripheral blood of patients suffering from aggressive periodontitis at the cellular level: Receptors and cytoskeletal reorganization p. 59
Saswati Mukherjee, Debabrata Kundu
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Relationship between Gram negative enteric rods, Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans, and clinical parameters in periodontal disease p. 65
Carlos M Ardila, Juliana Alzate, Isabel C Guzmán
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EDTA-S: A novel root conditioning agent p. 70
S Srirangarajan, S Ravindra, S Aparna, S Thakur
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Accuracy of probing attachment levels using a new computerized cemento-enamel junction probe p. 74
R Deepa, Shobha Prakash
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Determination of thickness of palatal mucosa p. 80
Bharati Kolliyavar, Swati Setty, Srinath L Thakur
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Clinical effect of miswak as an adjunct to tooth brushing on gingivitis p. 84
Punit Vaibhav Patel, S Shruthi, Sheela Kumar
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Evaluation of immediately loaded dental implants bioactivated with platelet-rich plasma placed in the mandibular posterior region: A clinico-radiographic study p. 89
Ullas Anand, DS Mehta
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Ultra-morphology of root surface subsequent to periodontal instrumentation: A scanning electron microscope study p. 96
Parveen Dahiya, Reet Kamal
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Smoking swings of gingival crevicular fluid secretion p. 101
Kaushal Luthra, Harpreet Singh Grover, Nidhi Aggarwal, Sarita Luthra
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Gingival squamous cell carcinoma: A diagnostic impediment p. 104
Rekha Rani Koduganti, Sangeeta Sehrawat, P Veerendra Nath Reddy
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Use of platelet rich fibrin in a fenestration defect around an implant p. 108
R Vijayalakshmi, CS Rajmohan, D Deepalakshmi, G Sivakami
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Recurrent periodontal abscess associated with "teeth as a tool" p. 113
G Subraya Bhat, Vishal Singh, K Mahalinga Bhat
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Plasma cell gingivitis associated with cheilitis: A diagnostic dilemma! p. 115
Presanthila Janam, Bindu R Nayar, Remya Mohan, A Suchitra
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Osseous choristoma of the periodontium p. 120
Monika Goswamy, Syeda Tabasum, Praveen Kudva, Shikha Gupta
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Periodontal ligament distraction: A simplified approach for rapid canine retraction p. 123
KC Prabhat, Sandhya Maheshwari, ND Gupta, Sanjeev K Verma, Lata Goyal
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Discoid lupus erythematosus involving gingiva p. 126
K Kranti, Hema Seshan, J Juliet
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Periodontal management in Paget's disease: Case presentation and a brief review of literature p. 129
Gopalakrishnan Sundaram, Pramod , Uma Sudhakar, Jaya Kumar
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Peripheral osteoma of the hard palate p. 134
M. L. V. Prabhuji, HC Kishore, Gulnar Sethna, Ameya G Moghe
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Achondroplasia and periodontal disease p. 138
Kirti Chawla, Arundeep Kaur Lamba, Farrukh Faraz, Shruti Tandon
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Reviewers, 2011 p. 141
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