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International Journal of Applied and Basic Medical Research

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2015| January-April  | Volume 5 | Issue 1  

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Blood test to help diagnose type 1 diabetes approved by Food and Drug Administration p. 1
Rajiv Mahajan
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Relationship between periodontal diseases and preterm birth: Recent epidemiological and biological data p. 2
Moneet Walia, Navdeep Saini
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Prevalence of vitamin D deficiency in north-west Punjab population: A cross-sectional study p. 7
Rachna Bachhel, Navyug Raj Singh, Jagtesh Singh Sidhu
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Effect of aminoguanidine on cardiovascular responses and survival time during blood loss: A study in normotensive and deoxycorticosterone acetate-salt hypertensive rats p. 12
Babak Barmaki, Majid Khazaei
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Assessment of aerobic capacity in overweight young females: A cross-sectional study p. 18
Shaikh M Shazia, Khaled M Badaam, Deepmala N Deore
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Tibial cortical thickness: A dependable tool for assessing osteoporosis in the absence of dual energy X-ray absorptiopmetry p. 21
Mir Sadat-Ali, Ezzat Elshaboury, Abdallah S Al-Omran, Md. Quamar Azam, Anjum Syed, Abid Hussain Gullenpet
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Ferric carboxymaltose: A revolution in the treatment of postpartum anemia in Indian women p. 25
Setu Rathod, Sunil K Samal, Purna C Mahapatra, Sunita Samal
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A comparative study of serum aminotransferases in chronic kidney disease with and without end-stage renal disease: Need for new reference ranges p. 31
Lopamudra Ray, Sunil Kumar Nanda, Anirban Chatterjee, Rajlaxmi Sarangi, Satyaki Ganguly
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Hepatitis B virus seroprevalence and its correlation with CD4 cells and liver enzymes among human immunodeficiency virus positive individuals at a tertiary care hospital in North-West India p. 36
Saroj Hooja, Anita Singhal, Rekha Bachhiwal, Rajiv Yadav, Nitya Vyas
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Gastroprotective effect of methanolic extract of Gomphrena celosioides on indomethacin induced gastric ulcer in Wistar albino rats p. 41
Ige Janet Oluwabunmi, Tijani Abiola
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Laparohysteroscopy in female infertility: A diagnostic cum therapeutic tool in Indian setting p. 46
Suman Puri, Dinesh Jain, Sandeep Puri, Sandeep Kaushal, Satjeet Kaur Deol
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Improvement in nutrient handling in STZ induced diabetic rats treated with Ocimum gratissimum p. 49
Uduak Akpan Okon, Koofreh Godwin Davies, Titilope Helen Olubobokun
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Obinutuzumab: A FDA approved monoclonal antibody in the treatment of untreated chronic lymphocytic leukemia p. 54
Mamta Sachdeva, Sameer Dhingra
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Unusual case of focal neck swelling: Phlebectasia of internal jugular vein with intracranial extension p. 58
Virender Malik, Abha Kumari, TVSP Murthy
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Elder homicide by unique combination of different mechanisms of asphyxia p. 61
Parthasarathi Pramanik
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Leukemic gingival enlargement: Report of a rare case with review of literature p. 65
Shamimul Hasan, Nabeel Ishrat Khan, L Bhaskar Reddy
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Lichenoid drug eruption due to imatinib mesylate p. 68
Anuradha Bhatia, Bimal Kanish, Paulina Chaudhary
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Bardet-Biedl syndrome: A rare cause of end stage renal disease p. 70
R Hemachandar
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Paraneoplastic optic neuritis as the first manifestation of periampullary carcinoma p. 73
Rudrajit Paul, Asim K Ghosh, Avirup Sinha, Raja Bhattacharya
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The paradox of recurrent with rare: A rare case of bilateral proptosis and facial palsy in acute myeloid leukemia with recurrent cytogenetic translocation t(8:21) p. 76
Rohit Kapoor, Jitender Mohan Khunger, Atul Sharma, Soumya Sachdeva
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