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Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

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2016| November  | Volume 60 | Issue 11  

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The mandatory regulations from the Medical Council of India: Facts, opinions and prejudices p. 793
S Bala Bhaskar
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Faculty promotions in medical institutions in India: Can we improve the criteria? p. 796
Vithal Krishna Dhulkhed, Madhuri S Kurdi, Pavan V Dhulkhed, Ashwini H Ramaswamy
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Critical incidents in paediatric anaesthesia: A prospective analysis over a 1 year period p. 801
Raylene Dias, Nandini Dave, Swapna Chiluveru, Madhu Garasia
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Ultrasonography - A viable tool for airway assessment p. 807
Preethi B Reddy, Pankaj Punetha, Kolli S Chalam
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Effect of melatonin on duration of delirium in organophosphorus compound poisoning patients: A double-blind randomised placebo controlled trial p. 814
HN Vijayakumar, K Ramya, Devika Rani Duggappa, KM Veeranna Gowda, K Sudheesh, SS Nethra, RS Raghavendra Rao
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Students' satisfaction to hybrid problem-based learning format for basic life support/advanced cardiac life support teaching p. 821
Geetanjali Chilkoti, Medha Mohta, Rachna Wadhwa, Ashok Kumar Saxena, Chhavi Sarabpreet Sharma, Neelima Shankar
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A comparison of ropivacaine, ropivacaine with tramadol and ropivacaine with midazolam for post-operative caudal epidural analgesia p. 827
A Krishnadas, K Suvarna, VR Hema, M Taznim
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A nested case-control study to determine the incidence and factors associated with unanticipated admissions following day care surgery p. 833
Madhurita Singh, Manickam Ponniah, KS Jacob
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Pre-operative laboratory testing: A prospective study on comparison and cost analysis p. 838
Venkatesh H Keshavan, Chidananda MN Swamy
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Role of pre-operative multimedia video information in allaying anxiety related to spinal anaesthesia: A randomised controlled trial p. 843
Raylene Dias, Lipika Baliarsing, Neeraj Kumar Barnwal, Shweta Mogal, Pinakin Gujjar
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Efficacy of methylprednisolone and lignocaine on propofol injection pain: A randomised, double-blind, prospective study in adult cardiac surgical patients p. 848
Shivaprakash Shivanna, Shio Priye, Dipali Singh, Sathyanarayan Jagannath, Syed Mudassar, Durga Prasad Reddy
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Anaesthetic challenges in conjoined twins' separation surgery p. 852
Suvarna Kaniyil, Priyanka Pavithran, KK Mubarak, Taznim Mohamed
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Role of dexmedetomidine for sedation in a patient with schizophrenia for strabismus surgery p. 856
Ram Kumar, Renu Sinha, Riddhi Kundu, Bikash Ranjan
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Management of chronic shoulder pain with restricted mobility - a case series p. 858
Deepak Thapa, Vanita Ahuja, Deepanshu Dhiman
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The isolation of morphine by Serturner p. 861
Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti, SSC Chakra Rao
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A failure of pre-anaesthetic check-up leading to unsuspected difficult intubation p. 863
Shweta A Singh, Vijay Kant Pandey, Kelika Prakash, Vinod Choudhary
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The significance (or the insignificance) of wide pulse pressure p. 864
Ying Hui Low, Charles S Brudney, Srinivas Pyati
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Anaesthetic management of a patient with Huntington's chorea undergoing robot-assisted nephron-sparing surgery p. 866
Ankita Batra, Neeru Sahni, Uttam K Mete
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Overcoming airway challenges with the C-MAC® video laryngoscope in a child with Goldenhar syndrome p. 868
Wan Fadzlina Wan Muhd Shukeri, Rhendra Hardy Mohamad Zaini, Chong Eu Soon, Mohamad Hasyizan Hassan
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Acquired tracheoesophageal fistula with undiagnosed tracheal stenosis: A simple innovation to avoid tracheostomy! p. 869
Vansh Priya, Rameez Riaz, Puneet Goyal, Surendra Singh
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A peculiar manufacturing defect in catheter mount p. 871
Alpesh Chhaganlal Bhanushali, Harshal Wagh
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Successful Airtraq® use for emergency off-centre glottic intubation in a patient with post-dialysis neck haematoma p. 872
Anjana S Wajekar, Nirav Kotak, Rajendra Patel, Rohit Moharir
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Pectus carinatum repair in an adolescent with hyperhomocysteinaemia: Anaesthetic implications p. 873
Prachi Kar, Suresh Kumar Chintha, Padmaja Durga, Ramachandran Gopinath
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Incremental epidural anaesthesia for emergency caesarean section in a patient with ostium secundum atrial septal defect and severe pulmonary stenosis with right to left shunt p. 876
Sohan Lal Solanki, Swapnil Y Parab
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Manual of ICU procedures p. 877
S Bala Bhaskar
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