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Indian Journal of Ophthalmology

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2014| July  | Volume 62 | Issue 7  

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The aesthetic eye p. 759
Sundaram Natarajan
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The methodological quality of systematic reviews comparing intravitreal bevacizumab and alternates for neovascular age related macular degeneration: A systematic review of reviews p. 761
Pradeep Paul George, Joseph Antonio DeCastro Molina, Bee Hoon Heng
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Nanostructure-based platforms-current prospective in ophthalmic drug delivery p. 768
Rakesh Kumar Sharma, Alaa Eldeen B Yassin
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The perceived personality traits of adults with digitally induced large angle strabismus and the impact of its correction p. 773
Mihir Kothari, Vitan Joshi
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Spectral domain optical coherence tomography morphology in optic disc pit associated maculopathy p. 777
Janusz Michalewski, Zofia Michalewska, Jerzy Nawrocki
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Comparison of ocular response analyzer parameters in primary open angle glaucoma and exfoliative glaucoma patients p. 782
Emrullah Beyazyildiz, Özlem Beyazyıldız, Hasan Basri Arifoğlu, Ayşegül Koçak Altıntaş, Șükrü Gültekin Köklü
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Personal A-constant in relation to axial length with various intraocular lenses p. 788
Mohamed A Eldaly, Khaled A Mansour
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Experiences with E-learning in Ophthalmology p. 792
Seema Dutt Bandhu, Swati Raje
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Outcomes of chronic macular hole surgical repair p. 795
Shripaad Y Shukla, Armin R Afshar, Daniel F Kiernan, Seenu M Hariprasad
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Gain beyond cosmesis: Demonstration of psychosocial and functional gains following successful strabismus surgery using the adult strabismus questionnaire adult strabismus 20 p. 799
Danish Alam, Adeeb Alam Khan, Sadat AO Bani, Richa Sharma, Abadan K Amitava
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Scleral depressed vitreous shaving, 360 laser, and perfluoropropane (C 3 F 8 ) for retinal detachment p. 804
Vivek Chaturvedi, Ryan P Basham, Kourous A Rezaei
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Conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia with corneal furrow degeneration p. 809
Pukhraj Rishi, Carol L Shields, Ralph C Eagle
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Luxation of Eye ball following trauma: Novel simple treatment p. 812
Essam A Osman, Adel Al-Akeely
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Feedback of final year ophthalmology postgraduates about their residency ophthalmology training in South India p. 814
K Ajay, R Krishnaprasad
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Orbital cellulitis in a neonate of the tooth bud origin : A case report p. 817
Poonam Lavaju, Badri Prasad Badhu, Basudha Khanal, Bhuwan Govinda Shrestha
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Combined special capsular tension ring and toric IOL implantation for management of post-DALK high regular astigmatism with subluxated traumatic cataract p. 819
Asim Kumar Kandar
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Human ocular Thelaziasis in Karnataka p. 822
Prabhakar S Krishnachary, Vijaykumar G Shankarappa, Rajendra Rajarathnam, Mahesh Shanthappa
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Spontaneous resorption of sub-retinal cortical lens material p. 824
Salil S Gadkari, Sucheta R Kulkarni, Kuldeep Dole
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A study regarding efficacy of various intraocular lens power calculation formulas in a subset of Indian myopic population p. 826
Ashish Mitra, Elesh Jain, Alok Sen, Shubhi Tripathi
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Anterior ischemic optic neuropathy in association with optic nervehead drusen p. 829
Bharathi Megur, Deepak Megur, Umesh Megur, Sandeep Reddy
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Using the rebound tonometer to measure intraocular pressure in an anesthetized patient p. 832
Jitendra Jethani
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Isolated complete bitemporal hemianopia in traumatic chiasmal syndrome p. 832
Swati Phuljhele, Savleen Kaur
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Massive submacular hemorrhage resulting in acute angle closure p. 833
Wei Kiong Ngo, Kai Xiong Cheong, Colin SH Tan
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Treatment options for myopic CNV - Is photodynamic therapy still relevant? p. 834
Milton C Chew, Colin S Tan
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Varied phenotype of Homocystinuria: Possible diagnostic error p. 835
Sufin Yap
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Erratum p. 772
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