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Radiation Protection and Environment 

Society AffiliationIndian Association for Radiation Protection
ReadershipRadiation protection fraternity in industry, medicine, agriculture and research; regulators of activities involving radiation and radioisotopes; operators of nuclear power plants; radioisotope production facilities, nuclear scientists and engineers; universities and libraries
Country of originINDIA
Publication ScheduleFirst week of March, June, September and December
Last Issue online*January-March 2021

Radiology of Infectious DiseasesNew Journal launched

Society AffiliationPeopleæs Medical Publishing House Co. Ltd
ReadershipDoctors, medical students, people interested in our journal: especially doctors and researchers of imaging medicine or infectious disease department
Country of originCHINA
Publication Schedule
Last Issue online*-

Reproductive and Developmental Medicine 

Society AffiliationShanghai Institute of Planning Parenthood Research
Readershipscientific and medical researchers who are engaged in reproductive biology, reproductive medicine, genetics and eugenics, reproductive health
Country of originCHINA
Publication Schedule
Last Issue online*July-September 2021

Research and Opinion in Anesthesia and Intensive Care 

Society AffiliationAlexandria society of Anesthesia and Intensive Care
Readership•Local analgesics - development, delivery, pharmacology and clinical use Resuscitation, Perioperative medicine, Clinical updates and experience in the field of anesthesia, pain relief and intensive care, Acute and Emergency Medicine
Country of originEGYPT
Publication Schedule
Last Issue online*April-June 2021

Research in Cardiovascular Medicine 

Society AffiliationRajaie Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center
ReadershipAdult and pediatric cardiologists, cardiac interventionists, cardiac electrophysiologists, heart failure specialists, congenital heart disease specialists, cardiac echocardiographers, cardiovascular surgeons and anesthesiologists, interventional radiologist, interventional neurologist, and internist.
Country of originIRAN
Publication Schedule
Last Issue online*April-June 2021

Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Society AffiliationIsfahan School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
ReadershipPharmacy and Pharmaceutical sciences researchers
Country of originIRAN
Publication Schedule
Last Issue online*September-October 2021

* Issues are published online 2-3 weeks ahead of print publication.