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Journal of the Scientific Society

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2017| January-April  | Volume 44 | Issue 1  

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Cancer in childhood p. 1
Rajendra B Nerli, Shridhar C Ghagane
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Dentistry in E-world p. 2
Darshana Bennadi, Niharika Reddy Thummala, S Sibyl
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Role of squash smear in intraoperative consultation of central nervous system tumors p. 7
Padmanaban Krishnan Govindaraman, N Arumugam, C Ramasamy, Gowri Prakasam
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Comparison of level of depression among mothers with lower segment cesarean section and vaginal delivery: A cross-sectional study p. 15
Arati Vinay Mahishale, Jahnvi Ashokkumar Bhatt
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Cerebral venous thrombosis in women from Indian subcontinent p. 20
Aralikatte Onkarappa Saroja, Chandrakanth Tapsi, Karkal Ravishankar Naik
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'Loose' cigarettes association with intensity of smoking: A secondary data analysis from Global Adult Tobacco Survey, India, 2009-10 p. 26
Mitasha Singh, Vishal Dogra, Ravinder Kumar, Ajay M V Kumar
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Cost of initial management of musculoskeletal injuries due to road traffic crashes: A register-based study from North-West India p. 31
Bhanu Awasthi, Sunil Kumar Raina, Lucky Verma, Sandeep Kalia
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Study of dynamic lung function parameters in normal, overweight, and thin school boys p. 36
Debasish Das, Himel Mondal, Minati Patnaik
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Improved level of function in an individual with Carcinoma of the pyriform sinus undergoing radiotherapy: A case report study p. 40
AK Akhil, Varun Naik
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Dengue fever in a joint family of Belgaum p. 43
Mahantesh Babanna Nagamoti, Vijaylaxmi Kulgod, SL Hoti
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Effect of motor relearning program poststem cell therapy in chronic stroke p. 46
Jorida Fernandes, Sanjiv Kumar
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Isolated pleural metastasis in a postoperative case of renal cell carcinoma p. 49
Saika Amreen, Shazia Bashir
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Lumbosacral plexopathies associated with acetabular fracture p. 52
Patpiya Sirasaporn
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Aplastic anemia in a patient with chronic liver disease p. 55
Deepak Rajkumar Vangipuram, Sudagar Singh, Sivaprakash Varadan, Damodharan Jayachandran
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Revisted Blocksom vesicostomy: Operative steps p. 58
Rajendra B Nerli, Ranjeet A Patil, Shridhar C Ghagane
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