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Journal of Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences University

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2017| July-September  | Volume 12 | Issue 3  

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A clinical study of self-stigma among the patients of schizophrenia and alcohol dependence syndrome p. 161
Lipsy Modi, Imran Ali Shivji, Prakash B Behere, Kshirod K Mishra, Pradeep S Patil, Arvind Goyal
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A comparative study to evaluate the efficacy of butorphanol as an adjuvant to epidural analgesia for rib fractures p. 166
Virendrakumar Belekar
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Immunohistochemical analysis of tumor-associated stroma in oral squamous cell carcinoma with and without preexisting oral submucous fibrosis p. 170
Hande Harish Alka, Zade Rangrao Prajakta, Chaudhary S Minal, Gawande N Madhuri, Patil Swati, Agarwal Aakruti
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Correlation between dermatoglyphic pattern of right thumb; learning methodologies; and academic performance of medical students p. 177
Satheesha B Nayak, Jeevan Velan, Ng Leong Shern, Loi Fuang Zoung, Abihirami Jeyarajan, Ashwini P Aithal
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An epidemiological study of acute malnutrition in children of age 6 months to 5 years in an Urban Slum of Mumbai, Maharashtra p. 181
Durgesh Prasad Sahoo, Armaity Dehmubed, Mahesh B Jajulwar
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Morphometric measurement of fetal femur length for the prediction of gestational age in the IInd and IIIrd trimester of pregnancy by ultrasonography p. 187
Monalisa Roy, Ujwal L Gajbe, Brij Raj Singh, Priti Thute
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Clinical profile of pediatric head injury p. 191
Aashay S Nitnaware, Jayant Vagha, Revat Meshram
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Endoscopic evaluation of patients presenting with dysphagia at rural Hospital AVBRH p. 196
Siddharth Sahu, KS Kher, DD Wagh, Manish Swarnakar, Priyansh Pandey, Ishan Agnihotri
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From the perspective of lifeline express: Oral hygiene practices and reported barriers in rural India p. 206
Kuldeep Singh Shekhawat, Arunima Chauhan, Rajnish Gourh
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Correlation of the proliferative markers (AgNOR and Ki-67) with the histological grading of the glial tumors p. 211
Richa Jham, Samarth Shukla, Sourya Acharya, Shweta Dhote, Ankita Tamhane, Arvind Bhake
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Correlation of various maternal factors with exaggerated hyperbilirubinemia of the newborn p. 218
Sneha Taneja, Vineeta Pande, Harish Kumar, Sharad Agarkhedkar
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A case report of prolonged apnea during electroconvulsive therapy in a patient with suicidal attempt by organophosphorus poison p. 223
Karuna Taksande, Mansi Chatterjee, Vaibhav Jain
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Giant enchondroma of the clivus p. 226
Amit Agrawal, Vissa Shanthi, Baddukonda Appala Ramakrishna
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