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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2013| July-August  | Volume 16 | Issue 4  

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Chennai, India to host the 11 th World Endodontic Congress (International Federation of Endodontic Associations) - 2019 p. 281
Velayutham Gopikrishna
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Minimally invasive dentistry (Endodontics) p. 282
James L Gutmann
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Role of Platelet rich fibrin in wound healing: A critical review p. 284
Balaram Naik, P Karunakar, M Jayadev, V Rahul Marshal
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Confocal laser scanning microscopic investigation of ultrasonic, sonic, and rotary sealer placement techniques p. 294
Vineeta Nikhil, Renuka Singh
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Quantitative evaluation of apical extrusion of intracanal bacteria using K3, Mtwo, RaCe and protaper rotary systems: An in vitro study p. 300
Roopadevi Garlapati, Bhuvan Shome Venigalla, Jayaprakash D Patil, RVSC Raju, Chintamani Rammohan
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Sealing ability of mineral trioxide aggregate, calcium phosphate and polymethylmethacrylate bone cements on root ends prepared using an Erbium: Yttriumaluminium garnet laser and ultrasonics evaluated by confocal laser scanning microscopy p. 304
C Sabari Girish, KC Ponnappa, TN Girish, MC Ponappa
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Profilometric analysis of two composite resins' surface repolished after tooth brush abrasion with three polishing systems p. 309
Mudit Uppal, Arathi Ganesh, Suresh Balagopal, Gurleen Kaur
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A survey of attitude and opinions of endodontic residents towards regenerative endodontics p. 314
Shivani Utneja, Ruchika Roongta Nawal, Mohammed Irfan Ansari, Sangeeta Talwar, Mahesh Verma
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Antibacterial effects of hybrid tooth colored restorative materials against Streptococcus mutans: An in vitro analysis p. 319
Kavita Hotwani, Nilima Thosar, Sudhindra Baliga, Sunita Bundale, Krishna Sharma
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Comparative evaluation of the effects of multiple autoclaving on cyclic fatigue resistance of three different rotary Ni-Ti instruments: An in vitro study p. 323
Kanthimathinathan Meenakshi Sundaram, N Srinivasan, Rajesh A V Ebenezar, L Ashwin Narayanan, K Rajkumar, S Mahalaxami
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Comparative antimicrobial efficacy of Metapex, Metronidazole, BioPure MTAD, Aztreonam on Bacteroides fragilis and Propionibacterium acne p. 327
Rajkumar Balakrishnan, Sandeep Dubey, Tapan Kumar N Dhole, Lalit C Boruah, Sanjeev Srivastava
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Physical properties and cytotoxicity comparison of experimental gypsum-based biomaterials with two current dental cement materials on L929 fibroblast cells p. 331
Nafsiyah Mahshim, Fazal Reza, Nor Shamsuria Omar
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Comparative evaluation of the efficacy of different irrigants including MTAD under SEM p. 336
Mohan Lal Paul, Dibyendu Mazumdar, Abhijit Niyogi, Akash Kr. Baranwal
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Role of casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate in remineralization of white spot lesions and inhibition of Streptococcus mutans? p. 342
Ruchi Vashisht, Rajamani Indira, S Ramachandran, Anil Kumar, Manali Ramakrishnan Srinivasan
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Coronal discoloration effect of three endodontic sealers: An in vitro spectrophotometric analysis p. 347
Mohamed Abdel Aziz El Sayed, Hosameldein Etemadi
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Influence of various herbal irrigants as a final rinse on the adherence of Enterococcus faecalis by fluorescence confocal laser scanning microscope p. 352
Hannah Rosaline, D Kandaswamy, D Gogulnath, MI Rubin
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Effects of home bleaching on surface hardness and surface roughness of an experimental nanocomposite p. 356
Ab-Ghani Zuryati, Ooi Qian Qian, Mohamad Dasmawati
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In vitro evaluation of the efficacy of laser fluorescence (DIAGNOdent) to detect demineralization and remineralization of smooth enamel lesions p. 362
Zahra Bahrololoomi, Seyed Ahmad Musavi, Mona Kabudan
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Long-term bonding effectiveness of simplified etch-and-rinse adhesives to dentin after different surface pre-treatments p. 367
Radhika Verma, Udai Pratap Singh, Shashi Prabha Tyagi, Rajni Nagpal, Naveen Manuja
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Comparative evaluation of microtensile bond strength of different solvent based one step and two step adhesive systems to dentin. An in-vitro study p. 371
Pavithra Somasundaram, Roshan Uthappa, Vinay Shivgange, GB Shivamurthy, Vasundhara Shivanna
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Evaluation to determine the caries remineralization potential of three dentifrices: An in vitro study p. 375
Arun Balakrishnan, R Jonathan, P Benin, Arvind Kuumar
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Endodontic management of a mandibular second premolar with perforating internal resorption by using MTA and cone beam computed tomography as a diagnostic aid p. 380
Hetal J Kothari, Rahul Kumar
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Type I canal configuration in a single rooted maxillary first molar diagnosed with an aid of cone beam computed tomographic technique: A rare case report p. 385
Naveen Chhabra, Kiran P Singbal, Tamanna Marwah Chhabra
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India welcomes the 19th Scientific Congress of Asia Pacific Endodontic Confederation, 2017 to New Delhi p. 388
Sanjay Miglani
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14 th IACDE and IES PG Convention p. 389
Balram Nayak, Mahantesh Yeli
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