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Journal of the Scientific Society

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2013| January-April  | Volume 40 | Issue 1  

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Fifty years of J N Medical College, Belgaum p. 1
Ashok S Godhi
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Glaucoma awareness and knowledge in a tertiary care hospital in a tier-2 city in South India p. 3
Mridula Prabhu, Shankargouda H Patil, Pravin Chandra R Kangokar
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Knowledge and practices on maternal health care among mothers: A Cross sectional study from rural areas of mid-western development region Nepal p. 9
Kapil Gyawali, Damaru P Paneru, Bina Jnawali, Kalpana Jnawali
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Treatment of infected non union tibia: A novel technique - lengthening using limb reconstruction system over intramedullary nail p. 14
Mahantesh Y Patil, Sumit Mehra
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Comparison of demographic profile of patient with schizophrenia and depression p. 20
Sateesh R Koujalgi, Shobhadevi R Patil
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Role of laparoscopy in the management of intussusceptions in children p. 25
Vijay C Pujar, Shirin Joshi
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Prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases, AmpC beta-lactamase, and metallo-beta-lactamase producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Acinetobacter baumannii in an intensive care unit in a tertiary care hospital p. 28
Varun Goel, Sumati A Hogade, SG Karadesai
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Successful endoscopic management with Mitomycin C application for sinusitis with orbital cellulitis p. 32
Anil S Harugop, RS Mudhol, Rishav Garg, VG Ashwin, S Ganesh
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An unusual presentation of pilomatrixoma p. 37
Prashant Hombal
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Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the nasal septum: A rare case report p. 39
Basavaraj P Belaldavar, Ritika Batra
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Dilemma in the management of central giant cell granuloma of maxilla p. 41
Rajendra B Metgudmath, Anjali R Metgudmath, Sunita Y Patil, Mohit Sinha
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Migratory polyarthritis in aleukemic lymphoblastic leukemia: An undesignated paraneoplastic syndrome p. 44
Sujata Jali, GP Prashanth, Preeti Amarkhed
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A rare site of epidermoid cyst of the eyelid p. 47
Shivanand C Bubanale, Umesh Harakuni, Harshavardhan Patil, Vinay Arora
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Extragingival pyogenic granuloma: A rare case report p. 49
Ningappa Chinnannavar Sangamesh, Bellguppa Poornima, Kodige Chandrashekar Vidya, Santosh Bhopal Sakri
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Surgical management of maxillary adenomatoid odontogenic tumor in paediatric patient: A clinical report p. 52
Suresh Yadav, Shallu Tyagi, Prince Kumar, Naveen Puri
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Subclavian catheter tip in the contralateral vein: An unwanted 'necklace' p. 57
Dilip Gude, Chaitanya Sawant, Aslam Abbas
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