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Journal of Conservative Dentistry

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2013| May-June  | Volume 16 | Issue 3  

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The effect of a new-generation flowable composite resin on microleakage in Class V composite restorations as an intermediate layer p. 189
Soley Arslan, Sezer Demirbuga, Yakup Ustun, Asiye Nur Dincer, Burhan Can Canakci, Yahya Orcun Zorba
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Dentinal tubule disinfection with 2% chlorhexidine, garlic extract, and calcium hydroxide against Enterococcus faecalis by using real-time polymerase chain reaction: In vitro study p. 194
Kandaswamy Eswar, Nagendrababu Venkateshbabu, Kalaiselvam Rajeswari, Deivanayagam Kandaswamy
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In-vitro evaluation of various solvents for retrieval of mineral trioxide aggregate and their effect on microhardness of dentin p. 199
Naziya Butt, Sangeeta Talwar
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Effect of organic versus inorganic fluoride on enamel microhardness: An in vitro study p. 203
Sh Priyadarshini , Ramya Raghu, Ashish Shetty, PM Gautham, Satyanarayana Reddy, Raghu Srinivasan
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Effect of four different surface treatments on shear bond strength of three porcelain repair systems: An in vitro study p. 208
Ritesh Gourav, Padma Ariga, Ashish R Jain, Jacob Mathew Philip
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Microleakage of adhesive resinous materials in root canals p. 213
Jason Gilbert Wong, Angelo Anthony Caputo, Ping Li, Shane Newport White
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An ex vivo comparative analysis on shaping ability of four NiTi rotary endodontic instruments using spiral computed tomography p. 219
Nitin Maitin, D Arunagiri, Dexter Brave, Shipra Nangalia Maitin, Sandeep Kaushik, Saumya Roy
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Effect of cross infection control barriers used on the light-curing device tips on the cure depth of a resin composite p. 224
Isabel Cristina Celerino de Moraes Porto, Andréia Cristina Ramos de Brito, Abhishek Parolia
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Efficiency of 2 electronic apex locators on working length determination: A clinical study p. 229
Sibel Koçak, Mustafa Murat Koçak, Baran Can Saglam
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Effectiveness of light emitting diode and halogen light curing units for curing microhybrid and nanocomposites p. 233
Shwetha Choudhary, BS Suprabha
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An in vitro comparison of bond strengths of Gutta-percha/AH Plus, Resilon/Epiphany self-etch and EndoREZ obturation system to intraradicular dentin using a push-out test design p. 238
A Sanjana Patil, K Preeti Dodwad, A Avinash Patil
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Effect of Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid and sodium hypochlorite solution conditioning on microtensile bond strength of one-step self-etch adhesives p. 243
Shahin Kasraei, Mohadese Azarsina, Zahra Khamverdi
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Comparison of sealing ability of bioactive bone cement, mineral trioxide aggregate and Super EBA as furcation repair materials: A dye extraction study p. 247
Janani Balachandran, Gurucharan
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Impact of oxalate desensitizer combined with ethylene-diamine tetra acetic acid-conditioning on dentin bond strength of one-bottle adhesives during dry bonding p. 252
Fereshteh Shafiei, Maryam Doozandeh
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Placement in an acidic environment increase the solubility of white mineral trioxide aggregate p. 257
Hamid Reza Yavari, Zahra Borna, Saeed Rahimi, Shahriar Shahi, Hadi Valizadeh, Morteza Ghojazadeh
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Combination of platelet rich fibrin, hydroxyapatite and PRF membrane in the management of large inflammatory periapical lesion p. 261
Vasundara Yayathi Shivashankar, Dexton Antony Johns, S Vidyanath, George Sam
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Conservative management of progressive external inflammatory root resorption after traumatic tooth intrusion p. 265
Robia Ghafoor
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Asyndromic hypodontia associated with tooth morphology alteration: A rare case report p. 269
Abhinay Agarwal, Mohan Gundappa, Sanjay Miglani, Rohit Nagar
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Spiral computed tomographic evaluation and endodontic management of a maxillary canine with two canals p. 272
N Subha, M Prabu, V Prabhakar, M Abarajithan
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Comment on: SealBio: A novel, non-obturation endodontic treatment based on concept of regeneration p. 277
Ram Kumar
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Author's reply p. 277
Naseem Shah, Ajay Logani
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