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Archives of Trauma Research

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2017| July-September  | Volume 6 | Issue 3  

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Prevalence of drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Iranian burned patients: A meta-analysis p. 1
Samira Tarashi, Mohsen Heidary, Hossein Dabiri, Mohammad Javad Nasiri
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Alcohol abuse in subjects developing or not developing posttraumatic stress disorder after trauma exposure p. 8
Marcella Brunetti, Giovanni Martinotti, Gianna Sepede, Federica Vellante, Federica Fiori, Fabiola Sarchione, Massimo di Giannantonio
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Optimization of trauma care: A two-tiered inhospital trauma team response system p. 15
Annelieke Maria Karien Harmsen, Georgios Fredericus Giannakopoulos, Kaoutar Azijli, Tessa Biesheuvel, Leo Maria George Geeraedts, Frank Willem Bloemers
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Femoral diaphyseal fractures in young adults: Predictors of complications p. 20
Nicholas David Clement, Nick J. A. Beresford-Cleary, A. Hamish R. W. Simpson
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A new prehospital score to predict hospitalization in trauma patients p. 25
Shahrokh Yousefzadeh-Chabosk, Zahra Haghdoost, Zahra Mohtasham-Amiri, Ali Davoudi-Kiakalayeh, Alireza Razzaghi, Ehsan Kazemnegad-Leili, Leila Kouchakinejad
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Sport and physical activities in total ankle replacement: Mobile- and fix-bearing p. 31
Federico Giuseppe Usuelli, Cristian Indino, Luigi Manzi, Camilla Maccario, Riccardo D'Ambrosi, Christopher Edward Gross
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Intercostal nerves pulsed radiofrequency for intractable neuralgia treatment in athletes with sport trauma of the chest: A case-series study p. 37
Masoud Hashemi, Gholamreza Mohseni, Mohammad Hossein Ataei, Ali Zafari, Sohrab Keyhani, Seyyed Mohammad Jazayeri
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A Visco-hyperelastic model for prediction of the brain tissue response and the traumatic brain injuries p. 41
Hossein Ashrafi, M Shariyat
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Isolated open total talar dislocation: A case report and literature review p. 49
Sylvain Steinmetz, Niccolo Rotigliano, Philippe Zermatten
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Challenges of impalement injuries p. 53
Mahir Gachabayov
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