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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

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2011| September-October  | Volume 45 | Issue 5  

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Art and science of Orthopedics p. 385
Surendra Mohan Tuli
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The 3-min appraisal of a diagnostic test p. 389
Teresa Chien, Rajesh Malhotra, Mohit Bhandari
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Aperture in coronoid-olecranon septum: A radiological evaluation p. 392
Necat Koyun, Atif Aydinlioglu, Fatma Nur Gumrukcuoglu
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Spinaplasty following lumbar laminectomy for multilevel lumbar spinal stenosis to prevent iatrogenic instability p. 396
Surendra Mohan Tuli, Varun Kapoor, Anil K Jain, Saurabh Jain
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Outcome of radial head preserving operations in missed Monteggia fracture in children p. 404
Parag Garg, Prashant Baid, Shivam Sinha, Rajeev Ranjan, Utpal Bandyopadhyay, SR Mitra
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Intramedullary fixation of forearm fractures with new locked nail p. 410
Himanshu Bansal
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Internal fixation of fractures of both bones forearm: Comparison of locked compression and limited contact dynamic compression plate p. 417
KC Saikia, SK Bhuyan, TD Bhattacharya, M Borgohain, P Jitesh, F Ahmed
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Percutaneous pinning for non-comminuted extra-articular fractures of distal radius p. 422
Abhishek K Das, Nandkumar Sundaram, Thiruvengita G Prasad, Suresh K Thanhavelu
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Functional outcome of neglected perilunate dislocations treated with open reduction and internal fixation p. 427
Mandeep S Dhillon, Sharad Prabhakar, Kamal Bali, Devendra Chouhan, Vishal Kumar
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Outcome of closed proximal phalangeal fractures of the hand p. 432
Jaswinder Singh, Karun Jain, Mruthyunjaya , R Ravishankar
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Medium term results of Avon patellofemoral joint replacement p. 439
Praveen K Sarda, Anup Shetty, Shanmuga S Maheswaran
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Midterm results of biologic fixation or mosaicplasty and drilling in osteochondritis dissecans p. 445
Tuluhan Yunus Emre, Hakan Cift, Bahadir Seyhan, Erman Ceyhan, Macit Uzun
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Deep vein thrombosis and thromboprophylaxis in arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction p. 450
Raviraj Adala, Ashish Anand, Gautam Kodikal
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Evaluation of the syndesmotic-only fixation for Weber-C ankle fractures with syndesmotic injury p. 454
R Mohammed, S Syed, S Metikala, SA Ali
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Management of thromboangiitis obliterans using distraction osteogenesis: A retrospective study p. 459
Sunil Kulkarni, GS Kulkarni, Ashok K Shyam, Milind Kulkarni, Ruta Kulkarni, Vidisha Kulkarni
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Computer navigation assisted fixation in neglected C2-C3 dislocation in an adult p. 465
S Rajasekaran, M Subbiah, Ajoy Prasad Shetty
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Atlantoaxial arthrodesis using C1-C2 transarticular screw fixation in a case of Morquio syndrome p. 470
Arvind G Kulkarni, Siddharth M Shah
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Radial nerve entrapement in osseous tunnel without clinical symptoms p. 473
Purnima Patni, Narender Saini, Vinit Arora, Shekhar Shekhawat
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Giant cell tumor of the metacarpal bones p. 475
Kabul C Saikia, Sanjeev K Bhuyan, Firoz Ahmed, Debashish Chanda
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Forearm gangrene following distraction injury at elbow in a neonate p. 479
Biswajit Sahu, Ranajit Panigrahi
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The separate or combined evaluation of co-morbidities have a different effect on the role of surgical delay on 1 year mortality p. 481
Andor Sebestyén, Imre Boncz
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Authors' reply p. 482
Nicole Simunovic, PJ Devereaux, Mohit Bhandari
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Comment on "Tranexamic acid for control of blood loss in bilateral total knee replacement in a single stage" p. 483
Raju Vaishya, Vikrant Landge, Anurag Aggrawal, Ankur Chaudhary
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Authors' reply p. 484
Mandeep S Dhillon, Kamal Bali, Prabhakar Sharad
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Dr. Ambrose James Selvapandian p. 485
George A Anderson
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