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Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice

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2015| January-March  | Volume 6 | Issue 1  

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Psychiatry in 21 st century: The long and hard road ahead p. 1
Peter Osvath
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Primary central nervous system lymphoma p. 2
Annunziata Gloghini, Antonino Carbone
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Standardized surveillance of prion diseases in resource-poor settings is crucial for individual patient-care as well as for decision-making of healthcare authorities p. 4
André Karch
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Reassessing blood acetylcholinesterase in dementia p. 6
Pengcheng Han
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Primary central nervous system diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in the immunocompetent: Immunophenotypic subtypes and Epstein-Barr virus association p. 8
Anita Mahadevan, Clementina Rama Rao, M Shanmugham, Susarla Krishna Shankar
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Commentary p. 15
Marie Moses Ambroise
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Diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in patients with schizophrenia, before and after antipsychotic treatment p. 17
Rayees Ahmad Wani, Mansoor Ahmad Dar, Mushtaq Ahmad Margoob, Yasir Hassan Rather, Inaamul Haq, Majid Shafi Shah
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The natural history of Dandy-Walker syndrome in the United States: A population-based analysis p. 23
Shearwood McClelland, Onyinyechi I Ukwuoma, Scott Lunos, Kolawole S Okuyemi
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Neuroprotective effects of tetracyclines on blunt head trauma: An experimental study on rats p. 27
Ozhan Merzuk Uckun, Fatih Alagoz, Mehmet Secer, Oguz Karakoyun, Ayhan Ocakcioglu, Ali Erdem Yildirim, Fevzi Yilmaz, Mert Sahinoglu, Denizhan Divanlioglu, Ali Dalgic, Ergun Daglioglu, Ahmet Deniz Belen
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RBC acetyl cholinesterase: A poor man's early diagnostic biomarker for familial alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease dementia p. 33
Himmatrao Saluba Bawaskar, Parag Himmatrao Bawaskar, Pramodini Himmatrao Bawaskar
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A study of clinical profile, radiological and electroencephalographic characteristics of suspected Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in a tertiary care centre in South India p. 39
Rohan R Mahale, Mahendra Javali, Anish Mehta, Suryanarayana Sharma, Purushottam Acharya, Rangasetty Srinivasa
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National sample survey organization survey report: An estimation of prevalence of mental illness and its association with age in India p. 51
Ram Lakhan, Olúgbémiga T Ekúndayň
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Computerized tomographic study of normal Evans index in adult Nigerians p. 55
Ahmed Umdagas Hamidu, Sefiya Adebanke Olarinoye-Akorede, David Solomon Ekott, Barnabas Danborno, Muhammad Raji Mahmud, Muhammad Shakir Balogun
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Pathophysiology of acute middle cerebral artery infarct by multimodal computed tomography: A pilot study in Thai patients p. 59
Pornpatr A Dharmasaroja, Arvemas Watcharakorn, Utairat Chaumrattanakul
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Psychiatric aspects of Parkinson's disease p. 65
Sandeep Grover, Mansi Somaiya, Santhosh Kumar, Ajit Avasthi
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Sensorineural hearing loss and status epilepticus associated with ulcerative colitis: Is there enough evidence to support immune-related mechanisms? p. 77
Sinem Yazici, Gulcin Benbir, Birsen Ince
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Commentary p. 79
Hossam Sanyelbhaa Talaat
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Intraoperative diagnosis of glioblastomamultiforme with oligodendroglial and sarcomatous components p. 81
Shashikant Adlekha, Tandra Chadha, A Ragunath, B Sumangala, Robin George
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Posterolateral approach in a neurofibromatosis type-I patient with severe dystrophic thoracic kyphoscoliosis: A case report, cadaver study, and literature review p. 84
Sven Bamps, Frank Van Calenbergh, Johan Van Loon, Raf Van Paesschen, Paul Vanderschot
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A rare case of thoracic myelocystocele associated with type 1 split cord malformation with low lying tethered cord, dorsal syrinx and sacral agenesis: Pentad finding p. 87
Dipanker Singh Mankotia, Guru Dutta Satyarthee, Bhawani Shankar Sharma
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Occult falcine meningioma unmasked following nearly complete hemorrhagic transformation with resultant spontaneous acute interhemispheric subdural hematoma p. 91
Prasad Krishnan, Manaranjan Jena, Rajaraman Kartikueyan
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Delayed incidental diagnosis of postoperative extradural hematoma following ventriculoperitoneal shunt p. 94
Vinay Byrappa, Shruti Redhu, Bhadrinarayan Varadarajan
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Vaginal extrusion of a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt catheter in an adult p. 97
Christopher M Bonfield, Gregory M Weiner, Megan S Bradley, Johnathan A Engh
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Commentary p. 99
Rajendra K Ghritlaharey
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Orbital extension of trigeminal schwannoma p. 102
Shantanu Ghosh, Debabrata Das, Rahul Varshney, Sumit Nandy
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Diagnostic dilemma: Sturge-Weber syndrome, without facial nevus p. 105
Paresh Zanzmera, Tinkal Patel, Vinay Shah
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Successful operative management of an upper lumbar spinal canal stenosis resulting in multilevel lower nerve root radiculopathy p. 108
Shearwood McClelland, Stefan S Kim
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Spinal accessory nerve schwannomas masquerading as a fourth ventricular lesion p. 112
Shyam Sundar Krishnan, Sivaram Bojja, Madabhushi Chakravarthy Vasudevan
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Antenatal and postnatal depression: A public health perspective p. 116
Saurabh R Shrivastava, Prateek S Shrivastava, Jegadeesh Ramasamy
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Neurofibromatosis type 2: Intracranial calcifications as a clue to diagnosis p. 120
Senthil Kumar Aiyappan, Upasana Ranga, Saveetha Veeraiyan
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Catatonic depression as the presenting manifestation of creutzfeldt-Jakob disease p. 122
Aysel Milanlioglu, Pinar Guzel Ozdemir, Vedat Cilingir, Osman Ozdemir
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Assessment of neuropathy by electrophysiology of visual pathway in welding workers p. 123
Joyashree Banerjee, Pranab Kumar Dey, Anilbaran Singhamahapatra, Sayandeep Pradhan
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The anatomical variability of the emissary condylar veins, its identification and clinical significance p. 123
Konstantinos Natsis, Maria Piagkou
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Reply to comment on "Prevalence of clinically important posterior fossa emissary veins on CT angiography" p. 125
Yeliz Pekcevik
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Neurology education: The role of assessment p. 125
Kieran Walsh
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Focus on teaching, not assessing, the surgeons and physicians of tomorrow p. 126
Thomas I Lemon
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A rare initial neurological presentation of Sjogren's syndrome p. 127
Srikanteswara Praveen Kumar
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