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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

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2018| March-April  | Volume 52 | Issue 2  

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Rejection of manuscripts: Problems and solutions p. 97
Ish Kumar Dhammi, Rehan-Ul-Haq
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Drug-resistant spinal tuberculosis p. 100
Anil K Jain, Karan Raj Jaggi, Himanshu Bhayana, Rumpa Saha
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Complications associated with locking plate of proximal humerus fractures p. 108
Venkat Kavuri, Blake Bowden, Neil Kumar, Doug Cerynik
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Is combined administration of tranexamic acid better than both intravenous and topical regimes for total loss, hidden loss and post-operative swelling? a randomized control trial p. 117
Jatin Prakash, Jong-Keun Seon, Eun-Kyoo Song, Dong-Hyun Lee, Hong-Yeol Yang, Cheng Jin
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Total hip arthroplasty by the direct anterior approach using a neck-preserving stem: Safety, efficacy and learning curve p. 124
Aditya Khemka, Omar Mograby, Sarah J Lord, Zelda Doyle, Munjed Al Muderis
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Short term outcome of varus derotation osteotomy in late presenting perthes disease p. 133
Narendra Joshi, Soumya Shrikanta Mohapatra, Mahaveer Prasad Goyal, Shiv Kumar Goyal, Rakesh Kumar, Mukesh Saini
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Epidemiological profile of femoral head osteonecrosis in the North Indian population p. 140
Harsha Vardhan, Sujit Kumar Tripathy, Ramesh Kumar Sen, Sameer Aggarwal, Tarun Goyal
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Comparative study for evaluating efficacy of fascia iliaca compartment block for alleviating pain of positioning for spinal anesthesia in patients with hip and proximal femur fractures p. 147
Nirav Jentilal Kacha, Chetna A Jadeja, Pooja J Patel, Harshda B Chaudhari, Jatin R Jivani, Vandana S Pithadia
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Total knee arthroplasty using patient-specific blocks after prior femoral fracture without hardware removal p. 154
Raju Vaishya, Vipul Vijay, Amit K Agarwal
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Complex tibial plateau fractures treated by hybrid external fixation system: A correlation of followup computed tomography derived quality of reduction with clinical results p. 161
Konstantinos Kateros, Spyridon P Galanakos, Georgios Kyriakopoulos, Stamatios A Papadakis, George A Macheras
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Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with tibial attachment preserving hamstring graft without implant on tibial side p. 170
Skand Sinha, Ananta Kumar Naik, Mridul Maheshwari, Sumedh Sandanshiv, Durgashankar Meena, Rajendra K Arya
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Sloppy hinge prosthetic replacement in old healed side swipe injuries of elbow – long term results p. 177
Debadyuti Baksi, AK Pal, DP Baksi
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A scoring system to demonstrate the risk for bone injury in patients with clinically suspected or occult scaphoid fracture p. 184
H Bahadir Gokcen, Mehmet Akif Akcal, Koray Unay, Selahattin Ozyurek, Oguz Poyanli, Irfan Esenkaya
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Sagittal atlantoaxial joint inclination and reduction index values for diagnosis and treatment of irreducible atlantoaxial Dislocation p. 190
Shi-Long Yuan, Hong-Mei Xu, Lian-Chong Fu, Jin Cao, Jian-Kun Yang, Yong-Ming Xi
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Error analysis: How precise is fused deposition modeling in fabrication of bone models in comparison to the parent bones? p. 196
MV Reddy, Krishnakiran Eachempati, AV Gurava Reddy, Aakash Mugalur
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Histological observation of the retinacula of weitbrecht and its clinical significance: A cadaveric study p. 202
Bang Dou, Jiong Mei, Zhiyuan Wang, Ming Ni, Guangyao Jia, Shiwei Liu
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Surgical treatment of sanders type 2 calcaneal fractures using a sinus tarsi approach p. 209
Ankit Khurana, Mandeep S Dhillon
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Author's reply p. 210
Chul Hyun Park, Dong Yeol Lee
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Making the surgeons safe in India p. 212
Raju Vaishya, Lalit Maini, Abhishek Vaish
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Surgical treatment of orthopaedic trauma: A comprehensive text and video guide p. 214
Anil K Jain
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Legends of Indian orthopedics: Pramod Karan Sethi p. 215
Bhavuk Garg
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