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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

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2015| March-April  | Volume 49 | Issue 2  

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Graft choices for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction p. 127
Ish Kumar Dhammi, Rehan-Ul-Haq , Sudhir Kumar
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Partial tears of anterior cruciate ligament: Results of single bundle augmentation p. 129
Dhananjaya Sabat, Vinod Kumar
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Arthroscopic anatomical double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A prospective longitudinal study p. 136
Ashish Devgan, Amanpreet Singh, Paritosh Gogna, Rohit Singla, Narender Kumar Magu, Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay
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Ultrasonographic test for complete anterior cruciate ligament injury p. 143
Piotr Grzelak, Michał Tomasz Podgórski, Ludomir Stefańczyk, Marcin Domlalski
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Outcome of transtibial AperFix system in anterior cruciate ligament injuries p. 150
Gökay Görmeli, C Ayșe Görmeli, Mustafa Karakaplan, M Fatih Korkmaz, Uğur Diliçıkık, Harika Gözükara
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Outcome of combined autologous chondrocyte implantation and anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction p. 155
Baljinder S Dhinsa, Syed Z Nawaz, Kieran R Gallagher, John Skinner, Tim Briggs, George Bentley
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Magnetic resonance appearance of bioabsorbable anchor screws for double row arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs p. 164
Aditya C Pawaskar, Aashay Kekatpure, Nam-Su Cho, Yong-Girl Rhee, In-Ho Jeon
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Displaced avulsion fractures of the posterior cruciate ligament: Treated by stellate steel plate fixation p. 171
Lijun Li, Wei Tian
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Correlation between body mass index and chondral lesions in isolated medial meniscus tears p. 176
Barak Haviv, Shlomo Bronak, Rafael Thein
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Fate of bone grafting for acetabular defects in total hip replacement p. 181
Anil Thomas Oommen, Vignesh Prasad Krishnamoorthy, Pradeep Mathew Poonnoose, Ravi Jacob Korula
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Bone impregnated hip screw in femoral neck fracture Clinicoradiological results p. 187
PK Sundar Raj, Jiju A Nuuman, Amish Sunder Pattathil
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Comparative study of single lateral locked plating versus double plating in type C bicondylar tibial plateau fractures p. 193
Devdatta Suhas Neogi, Vivek Trikha, Kaushal Kant Mishra, Shivanand M Bandekar, Chandra Shekhar Yadav
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Management of distal femoral periprosthetic fractures by distal femoral locking plate: A retrospective study. p. 199
Rajiv Thukral, SKS Marya, Chandeep Singh
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Correction of coronal plane deformities around the knee using a tension band plate in children younger than 10 years p. 208
Ruta M Kulkarni, Faizaan M Ilyas Rushnaiwala, GS Kulkarni, Rajiv Negandhi, Milind G Kulkarni, Sunil G Kulkarni
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Supination external rotation ankle fractures A simpler pattern with better outcomes p. 219
Nirmal C Tejwani, Ji Hae Park, Kenneth A Egol
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Measurement technique of calcaneal varus from axial view radiograph p. 223
Thossart Harnroongroj, Akegapon Tangmanasakul, Nattapol Choursamran, Narumol Sudjai, Thos Harnroongroj
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Locking plate versus retrograde intramedullary nail fixation for tibiotalocalcaneal arthrodesis A retrospective analysis p. 227
Chi Zhang, Zhongmin Shi, Guohua Mei
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Medium term outcomes of primary and revision Coonrad-Morrey total elbow replacement p. 233
Manish Kiran, Arpit Jariwala, Carlos Wigderowitz
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Fractalkine receptor chemokine (CX3CR1) influences on cervical and lumbar disc herniation p. 239
In-Soo Oh, Dong-Whan Suh, Sung-Ryeoll Park, Kee-Yong Ha
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Percutaneous vertebroplasty for single osteoporotic vertebral body compression fracture Results of unilateral 3-D percutaneous puncture technique p. 245
Hong-De Li, Chuan-Jun Xu, Hong Wang, Wen Liu, Xi-Jing Jiang, Xi-Qi Zhu
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Arthroscopic one-piece reshaping for symptomatic discoid medial meniscus with anomalous amalgamating into anterior cruciate ligament p. 251
Hyung Suk Choi
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Anterior fracture dislocation of sacroiliac joint: A rare type of crescent fracture p. 255
Vivek Trikha, Vivek Singh, V Senthil Kumar
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Intraarticular osteochondroma of the knee p. 260
Aditya V Maheshwari, J David Pitcher
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Author's reply p. 262
Vivek Machhindra Morey, Divesh Jalan, Ravi Mittal, Shivanand Gamangatti
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Microendoscopic lumbar discectomy: Technique and results of 188 cases p. 262
Evangelos Kogias, Pamela Franco Jimenez, Ulrich Hubbe
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Author's reply p. 263
Arvind G Kulkarni, Anupreet Bassi, Abhilash Dhruv
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Apley and Solomon's concise system of orthopedics and trauma p. 264
Anil K Jain
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