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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

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2013| May-June  | Volume 47 | Issue 3  

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Current concepts and controversies on adolescent idiopathic scoliosis: Part II p. 219
Alok Sud, Athanasios I Tsirikos
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Percutaneous kyphoplasty combined with the posterior screw-rod system in treatment of osteoporotic thoracolumbar fractures p. 230
Jiang Wu, Yong-Qing Xu, Han-Fen Chen, Yong-Yue Su, Min Zhu, Chong-Tao Zhu
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Percutaneous vertebroplasty in symptomatic hemangioma versus osteoporotic compression fracture p. 234
Farzad Omidi-Kashani, Ebrahim G Hasankhani, Saeed Akhlaghi, Farideh Golhasani-Keshtan, Katayoun Z Toosi
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Pullout strength of misplaced pedicle screws in the thoracic and lumbar vertebrae - A cadaveric study p. 238
Shyam K Saraf, Ravindra P Singh, Vakil Singh, Ashish Varma
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Massive lumbar disc herniation with complete dural sac stenosis p. 244
Chang-Hoon Jeon, Nam-Su Chung, Kwang-Hyun Son, Hyo-Sung Lee
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CT based evaluation of odontoid morphology in the Indian population p. 250
Arvind G Kulkarni, Siddharth M Shah, Ruchira A Marwah, Prasad B Hanagandi, Inder R Talwar
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Comparison of the early results of transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion and posterior lumbar interbody fusion in symptomatic lumbar instability p. 255
Najmus Sakeb, Kamrul Ahsan
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Slipped upper femoral epiphysis: Outcome after in situ fixation and capital realignment technique p. 264
Sanjay Arora, Vivek Dutt, Thomas Palocaren, Vrisha Madhuri
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Long proximal femoral nail in ipsilateral fractures proximal femur and shaft of femur p. 272
WM Gadegone, Vijayanand Lokhande, Yogesh Salphale, Alankar Ramteke
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Approach for measuring the angle of hallux valgus p. 278
Jin Zhou, Petr Hlavacek, Bo Xu, Wuyong Chen
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Elbow dislocation with irreparable fracture radial head p. 283
Dilip Tanna
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Functional outcome of arthroscopic assisted fixation of distal radius fractures p. 288
Prakash Khanchandani, Alejandro Badia
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Curettage of benign bone tumors and tumor like lesions: A retrospective analysis p. 295
Zile Singh Kundu, Vinay Gupta, Sukhbir Singh Sangwan, Parveen Rana
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Conjoint bicondylar Hoffa fracture in an adult p. 302
Rehan Ul Haq, Prashant Modi, IK Dhammi, Anil K Jain, Puneet Mishra
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Open segmental fracture of both bone forearm and dislocation of ipsilateral elbow with extruded middle segment radius p. 307
Pawan Kumar, Lal Bahadur Manjhi, Ramesh Lal Rajak
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Old nutcracker fracture of cuboid p. 310
Guangrong Yu, Tao Yu, Yunfeng Yang, Feng Yuan
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Localized nodular synovitis of the infrapatellar fat pad p. 313
Jong-Hoon Park, Kyung-Han Ro, Dae-Hee Lee
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Soft tissue coverage in open fractures of tibia p. 317
Sandeep Nema, GS Vyas
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Author's reply p. 317
Jagannath B Kamath, M Shantaram Shetty, ThangamVerghese Joshua, Ajith Kumar, Harshvardhan , Deepak M Naik
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Author's reply in response to letter to editor Indian J Orthop 2012;46:602 titled "Utility of combined abduction angle for hip surveillance in children with cerebral palsy" p. 319
Akshay Divecha, Atul Bhaskar
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Author's reply in response to letter to editor Indian J Orthop 2012;46:728-9 titled "Tumor like swellings arising from Hoffa's fat pad: A series of three patients." p. 319
Sushant D Ghate, Bhupal N Deokar, Ashwin V Samant, Satish P Kale
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Pediatric Osteoarticular Infections p. 321
Ramani Narasimhan
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Proximal Femoral Fractures p. 322
Anil K Jain
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