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Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine

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2017| March-April  | Volume 39 | Issue 2  

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Empirical reality of dialectical behavioral therapy in borderline personality p. 105
MS Reddy, M Starlin Vijay
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The importance of cholesterol in psychopathology: A review of recent contributions p. 109
Henrique Pereira
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Traumatic brain injury and neuropsychiatric complications p. 114
Saeed Ahmed, Hema Venigalla, Hema Madhuri Mekala, Sara Dar, Mudasar Hassan, Shahana Ayub
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Use of Jonkman et al. Score for visual quantification of electroencephalography as a tool to assess disease severity in cortical dementias p. 122
R Kiran Kumar, Sadanandavalli Retnaswami Chandra, Girish B Kulkarni, Rose Dawn Bharath
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A randomized pilot study of brief intervention versus simple advice for women tobacco users in an urban community in India p. 131
Sonali Jhanjee, Rakesh Lal, Ashwami Mishra, Deepak Yadav
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Culturally relevant family therapy practice with parents of children and adolescents p. 137
Tania Roy, A Thirumoorthy, R Parthasarathy
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Evaluation of modified patient health questionnaire-9 teen in South African adolescents p. 143
Shilpa Aggarwal, Lian Taljard, Zane Wilson, Michael Berk
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Communication impairments in children with inborn errors of metabolism: A preliminary study p. 146
Shivani Tiwari, Divya Kallianpur, Kelly Ann DeSilva
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Combining metacognitive strategies with traditional cognitive behavior therapy in generalized anxiety disorder: A case illustration p. 152
Paulomi M Sudhir, Systla Rukmini, Mahendra Prakash Sharma
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The influence of psychosocial dysfunctions in chronic schizophrenia patients in remission: A hospital-based study p. 157
Sarada Prasanna Swain, Sushree Sangita Behura, Manoj Kumar Dash, Anil Kumar Nayak, Saswati Sucharita Pati
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Long loop reflex 2 in patients with cortical dementias: A pilot study p. 164
Sadanandavalli Retnaswami Chandra, Thomas Gregor Isaac, Mahesh Mane, Srikala Bharath, BC Nagaraju
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Personality profile and short-term treatment outcome in patients with alcohol dependence: A study from South India p. 169
Soundarya Soundararajan, Gitanjali Narayanan, Arpana Agrawal, Pratima Murthy
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Quantitative balance and gait measurement in patients with frontotemporal dementia and Alzheimer diseases: A pilot study p. 176
Selva Ganapathy Velayutham, Sadanandavalli Retnaswami Chandra, Srikala Bharath, Ravi Girikamatha Shankar
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Subacute noninfective inflammatory encephalopathy: Our experience and diagnostic problems p. 183
Sadanandavalli Retnaswami Chandra, Lakshminarayanapuram Gopal Viswanathan, Dodmalur Malikarjuna Sindhu, Anupama Ramakanth Pai
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Dandy–Walker variant with schizophrenia: Comorbidity or cerebellar cognitive affective syndrome? p. 188
Pallavi Sinha, Jatin Tarwani, Pankaj Kumar, Amit Garg
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A rare case of complicated opioid withdrawal in delirium without convulsions p. 191
B Neeraj Raj, N Manamohan, Divya Hegde, Chandrashekar B Huded, Johnson Pradeep
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Arachnoid cyst and psychosis: The troublemaker or innocent bystander p. 194
Soumitra Das, Arjun Kartha, Sumesh Thoppil Purushothaman, Varun Rajan
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Pseudocyst pancreas with delirium in a married alcohol dependent male: A rare presentation p. 196
Gurvinder Pal Singh
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Efficacy of myofascial unwinding and myofascial release technique in a patient with somatic symptoms – A case report p. 199
Manu Goyal, Kanu Goyal, Manish Bathla, D Kanimozhi, D Narkeesh
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Leukodystrophy presenting as hyperactivity and bipolarity with uncommon adverse drug reaction p. 202
Roshan Sutar, Anirban Ray, Shekhar P Sheshadri
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Secondary eating disorder: A reality? Case report of post brain injury sequelae p. 205
Aparna Das, Deeksha Elwadhi, Manushree Gupta
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Delayed Stevens–Johnson syndrome secondary to the use of lamotrigine in bipolar mood disorder p. 209
Kunal Kishor Jha, Durgesh Prasad Chaudhary, Tshristi Rijal, Semanta Dahal
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Cushing's syndrome and treatment-resistant depression p. 213
Lekhansh Shukla
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Autonomous sensory meridian response: What is it? and Why should we care? p. 214
James V Lloyd, Thomas P. O. Ashdown, Lucy R Jawad
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Asymmetric, tender gynecomastia induced by olanzapine in a young male p. 215
Mohit Kumar Shahi, Sujita Kumar Kar, Amit Singh
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Gender differences in persistent delusional disorder p. 216
Karishma R Kulkarni, Rashmi Arasappa, M Krishna Prasad, Amit Zutshi, Prabhat K Chand, Pratima Murthy, Kesavan Muralidharan
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Salami slicing of data set, translational plagiarism, and self-plagiarism: The storyline p. 218
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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