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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

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2014| January-February  | Volume 48 | Issue 1  

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Orthobiologics and platelet rich plasma p. 1
Mandeep S Dhillon, Prateek Behera, Sandeep Patel, Vijay Shetty
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Cutaneous hypoesthesia following plate fixation in clavicle fractures p. 10
Lushun Wang, Muliang Ang, Keng Thiam Lee, Ganesan Naidu, EBK Kwek
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Glenoid fossa fractures: Outcome of operative and nonoperative treatment p. 14
Ramesh K Sen, Sachin Sud, Gaurav Saini, Sushil Rangdal, Radheshyam Sament, Vikas Bachhal
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Minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis for distal radius fractures p. 20
Xu-ming Wei, Zhen-zhong Sun, Yong-jun Rui, Xiao-Jun Song
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Transfracture abduction osteotomy: A solution for nonunion of femoral neck fractures p. 25
Jairamchander Pingle
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Diaphyseal femoral fractures below the age of six years: Results of plaster application and long term followup p. 30
Nunzio Catena, Filippo M Sénčs, Simone Riganti, Silvio Boero
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Outcome of Schatzker type V and VI tibial plateau fractures p. 35
Tul B Pun, Vignesh P Krishnamoorthy, Pradeep M Poonnoose, Anil T Oommen, Ravi J Korula
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Outcome of double bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using crosspin and aperture fixation p. 42
Deepak Joshi, Vineet Jain, Ankit Goyal, Vibhu Bahl, Prashant Modi, Deepak Chaudhary
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Protruded and nonprotruded subungual exostosis: Differences in surgical approach p. 49
Hakan Basar, Mustafa Erkan Inanmaz, Betül Basar, Emre Bal, Kamil Çagri Köse
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Percutaneous balloon kyphoplasty of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures with intravertebral cleft p. 53
Bao Chen, Shunwu Fan, Fengdong Zhao
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The efficacy of diagnostic battery in Pott's disease: A prospective study p. 60
Manoj Kumar, Raj Kumar, Arun Kumar Srivastva, Vijaya Lakshmi Nag, Narendra Krishnani, Anand Kumar Maurya, Tapan N Dhole, Sunil G Babu
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Outcome of percutaneous continuous drainage of psoas abscess: A clinically guided technique p. 67
Bharat R Dave, Ranganatha Babu Kurupati, Dipak Shah, Devanand Degulamadi, Nitu Borgohain, Ajay Krishnan
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Transpedicular curettage and drainage versus combined anterior and posterior surgery in infectious spondylodiscitis p. 74
Byung Ho Lee, Jin-Oh Park, Hak-Sun Kim, Hwan-Mo Lee, Byung-Woo Cho, Seong-Hwan Moon
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Microendoscopic lumbar discectomy: Technique and results of 188 cases p. 81
Arvind G Kulkarni, Anupreet Bassi, Abhilash Dhruv
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Effects of Sox9 gene therapy on the healing of bone-tendon junction: An experimental study p. 88
Zhiqi Zhu, Aixi Yu, Ming Hou, Xiaoqing Xie, Peng Li
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Neglected surgically intervened bilateral congenital dislocation of knee in an adolescent p. 96
Jaswant Kumar, Ish Kumar Dhammi, Anil K Jain
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Late recovery in cerebral fat embolism p. 100
KP Srikanth, SR Sundararajan, S Rajasekaran
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Early detection of peroneal neuropathy by ultrasound p. 104
Shih-Wei Huang, Wei-Te Wang
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Conservative management of psoas haematoma following complex lumbar surgery p. 107
Sandesh Lakkol, Praveen Sarda, Prasad Karpe, Manoj Krishna
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Slipped upper femoral epiphysis: Outcome after in situ fixation and capital realignment technique p. 111
Sujit Kumar Tripathy, Ramesh Kumar Sen
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Author's reply p. 111
Sanjay Arora, Vivek Dutt, Thomas Palocaren, Vrisha Madhuri
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"Four quadrant parallel peripheral screw fixation for displaced femoral neck fractures in elderly patients p. 112
Sandeep R Biraris, Darius F Soonawalla, Dhiraj V Sonawane, Pradip S Nemade
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Author's reply p. 113
Bhava RJ Satish, Atmakuri V Ranganadham, Karruppasamy Ramalingam, Sujit Kumar Tripathy
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Osteonecrosis p. 114
Ramesh Sen
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Obituary p. 115
Wasudeo M Gadegone
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