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The Egyptian Journal of Surgery

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2017| October-December  | Volume 36 | Issue 4  

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Pectoral fascia preservation during modified radical mastectomy: why and when p. 333
Mohamed I Abdelhamid, Mohammed M Alkilany, Mohamed Lotfy
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A comparative study on the effect of laparoscopic simulation on skill training in laparoscopic surgery p. 336
Mohamed Lotfy, Mohamed I Abdelhamid, Hazem N Ashri
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Improved detection of lymph nodes in cases of rectal cancer using combined methylene blue injection and fat clearance compared with fat clearance alone p. 340
Ayman Farouk, Radwa Rashad
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Comparison between full and partial revascularization during endovascular management of multilevel lower limb arterial disease in diabetic patients: assessment of functional outcomes and midterm results p. 346
Ahmed Taha, Haitham Eldamarany, Ahmed Sayed, Amr Abou Elrous
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Portal and mesenteric vein resection during pancreaticoduodenectomy and total pancreatectomy p. 352
Hazem M Zakaria, John A Stauffer, Eijiro Harada, Horacio J Asbun
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Comparative study between the complications of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy and laparoscopic mini-gastric bypass p. 360
Tamer Nabil, Ahmed Hussein, Ahmed Nabil
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Value of pharmacologic thromboprophylaxis for prevention of thromboembolic complications in bariatric surgery p. 368
Ibrahim G Khalifa, Hany A Balamoun, Khaled El Kaffas
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Repair of uncomplicated umbilical hernia in cirrhotic patients: experience of an institute p. 372
Ashrf El-Kholy A Othman
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Prediction of nipple and areola complex invasion in breast cancer patients: clinical and pathological study of surgical specimens p. 380
Wael Elsayed Lotfy Mokhtar, Adel Mohamed Ismail, Mohamed Ahmed El Gharbawi, Yehia Ali El-Alfy, Mai Mohammed Abdelwahab
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Short-term outcome of infrapopliteal percutaneous transluminal angioplasty for isolated infrapopliteal lesions in patients with critical limb ischemia p. 389
Asser A Goda
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Laparoscopic purse-string suture sac closure is appropriate procedure for children with unilateral indirect inguinal hernia: comparative study versus laparoscopic sac excision and closure procedure p. 394
Ayman Hasanein, Mohamed Rabea, Mohamed Fathi, Alaa El Sayed
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Endovascular management of Trans-Atlantic Inter-Society Consensus C and D aortoiliac occlusive disease as a feasible, effective, and durable intervention p. 401
Ahmed A Taha, Engie T Hefnawy, Ahmed R Tawfik, Alaa A Ibrahim
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Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for primary varicose veins: a feasible day-case procedure with good surgical and functional outcomes p. 407
El-Sayed A Abd El-Mabood, Hussein G El-Gohary, Atef A Salem
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Pattern of maxillectomies: an analysis of 44 cases in a tertiary referral hospital, Sokoto, Northwest Nigeria p. 419
Abdurrazaq O Taiwo, Mohammed Abdullahi, Ramat O Braimah, Adebayo A Ibikunle, Kufre R Iseh, Olalekan M Gbotolorun, Moshood F Adeyemi, Mike Adeyemi
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Management of difficult hepatic artery anastomosis in living donor liver transplantation: mansoura experience p. 424
Ayman El Nakeeb, Mohamed El Shobary, Tarek Salah, Ayman El Nakeeb, Ahmad M Sultan, Ahmed Elghawalby, Mohamed Abdel Wahab
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Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy compared with Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery: 2-year outcome of body weight, obesity-associated comorbidities, and quality of life p. 432
Ashraf M Abdelkader, Hazem E Ali, Ramy A Mitwally, Mohammed S Yousef
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Mesh or not in the repair of complicated umbilical hernia in cirrhotic patients with decompensated liver cell failure p. 440
Fady M Habib, Ahmed M Sallam, Loay M Gertallah
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The role of covering the facial nerve and parotid surface in prevention of the postparotidectomy complications p. 446
Ahmed S Elgammal, Alaa El Sisi, Tarek Rageh, Ahmed Gaber
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A study on road traffic accidents in Arar, Saudi Arabia p. 451
Muharib M Alshammari, Nagah M Abo El-Fetoh, Mushref S Alshammari, Abdulaziz S Alshammari, Abdulaziz M Alsharari, Othman M Alshammari, Yousef N Alshammari, Abdullah Z Alshammari, Alwaleed K Alshammari, Omar T. M. Alenezi, Arwa B Alanazi
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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy for symptomatic multiseptate gallbladder p. 457
Tarek A Sabra, Mohammed H Takrouney, Mohamed A Osman, Mahmoud M Mostafa
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Intestinal obstruction caused by mesenteric fat necrosis masquerading as small bowel malignancy p. 460
Saleh S Saleh, Islam H Metwally, Islam A Elzahaby, Abdelhadi M Shebl
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