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Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology

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2011| May-June  | Volume 77 | Issue 3  

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Intralesional immunotherapy for the management of warts p. 261
Laxmisha Chandrashekar
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Phenomena in dermatology p. 264
Bhushan Madke, Bhavana Doshi, Sushil Pande, Uday Khopkar
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Newer insights in teledermatology practice p. 276
Garehatty Rudrappa Kanthraj
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Evaluation of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in patients with atopic dermatitis p. 288
Nutan , AJ Kanwar, A Bhansali, D Parsad
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The impact of the latest classification system of benign vulvar diseases on the management of women with chronic vulvar pruritus p. 294
Kiymet Handan Kelekci, Fulya Adamhasan, Servet Gencdal, Hamide Sayar, Sefa Kelekci
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A measurement of the stigma among vitiligo and psoriasis patients in India p. 300
Rajan Pichaimuthu, Premkumar Ramaswamy, Kar Bikash, Richard Joseph
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Bacterial contamination of the hands of doctors: A study in the medicine and dermatology wards p. 307
Rudrajit Paul, Nilay Kanti Das, Rina Dutta, Ramtanu Bandyopadhyay, Amit Kumar Banerjee
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Primary cutaneous follicle center lymphoma in the setting of chronic lymphocytic leukemia p. 314
S Konda, A Beckford, MF Demierre, M Mahalingam
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Paraneoplastic multicentric reticulohistiocytosis: A clinicopathologic challenge p. 318
Rajalakshmi Tirumalae, Pritilata Rout, Elizabeth Jayaseelan, Arun Shet, Shanthala Devi, Karuna Ramesh Kumar
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Congenital cutis laxa with rectal and uterovaginal prolapse p. 321
Sanjiv V Choudhary, Shazia Bisati, Sankha Koley
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Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans in a female p. 325
Fiona F Sequeira, Elizabeth Jayaseelan
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Basal cell carcinoma in the North Indian population: Clinicopathologic review and immunohistochemical analysis p. 328
Purnima Malhotra, Avninder Singh, V Ramesh
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Directly observed treatment short course and cutaneous tuberculosis: Our experience p. 330
G Raghu Rama Rao, Sridevi , Betsy Lakshmy Narayan, A Amareswar, S Sandhya
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Food allergen-free diet in severe atopic dermatitis related to food allergy p. 332
Guillet Marie-Helene, Vasileios Anyfantakis, Gerard Guillet
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Quality of life in psoriasis patients in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa p. 333
Preetha Hariram, Anisa Mosam, Jamila Aboobaker, Tonya Esterhuizen
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Change in spectrum of dermatophytes isolated from superficial mycoses cases: First report from Central India p. 335
Sanjeev Sahai, Devesh Mishra
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Foam sclerotherapy in various vascular and lymphatic malformations p. 336
GR Ratnavel
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Rapid response to acitretin, combined with cryotherapy, for extensive and recalcitrant verruca vulgaris on the scalp p. 338
Feroze Kaliyadan, AD Dharmaratnam
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Zosteriform cutaneous metastasis of renal cell carcinoma p. 340
Didem Dincer, Mustafa Tunca, Ahmet Akar, Bulent Kurt
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Isolated Crohn's disease of the vulva p. 342
Nina A Madnani, Devendra Desai, Nisha Gandhi, Kaleem J Khan
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Phenol application to distal nail matrix for the treatment of nail thickening p. 344
Ercan Caliskan, Mustafa Tunca, Hakan Erbil, Ahmet Akar
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Proximal nail fold-lunula double punch technique: A less invasive method for sampling nail matrix without nail avulsion p. 346
Jung Eun Kim, Hyo Sang Ahn, Min Seok Cheon, Kyung Jin Lee, Baik Kee Cho, Hyun Jeong Park
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Lasers for vascular lesions: Standard guidelines of care p. 349
CR Srinivas, M Kumaresan
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Fractional lasers in dermatology - Current status and recommendations p. 369
Apratim Goel, DS Krupashankar, Sanjeev Aurangabadkar, KC Nischal, HM Omprakash, Venkataram Mysore
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Nonablative lasers and nonlaser systems in dermatology: Current status p. 380
Mukta Sachdev, Sunaina Hameed, Venkataram Mysore
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Social aspects of syphilis based on the history of its terminology p. 389
Antonis A Kousoulis, Nikolaos Stavrianeas, Marianna Karamanou, George Androutsos
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Get set, write p. 392
Bhushan Madke, Uday Khopkar
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Multiple grouped nodules around the right ear in a young male p. 399
Lalit Kumar Gupta, NK Bansal
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Two uncommon cases of idiopathic atrophoderma of pasini and pierini: Multiple and giant p. 402
Zhang Ru-Zhi, Zhu Wen-Yuan
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Congenital generalized lipodystrophy of Berardinelli-Seip type: A rare case p. 402
Sujay Khandpur, Amrendra Kumar, Rajesh Khadgawat
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Pattern and prevalence of physiological cutaneous changes in pregnancy: A study of 2000 antenatal women p. 402
Shagufta P Rathore, Shashi Gupta, Vipin Gupta
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Linear and whorled nevoid hypermelanosis in three successive generations p. 403
Arun Kumar Metta, S Ramachandra, Nayeem Sadath, Shilpa Manupati
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Multifocal extra-ocular sebaceous carcinoma p. 403
Ishwara P Bhat, J Madhukara, J Elizabeth, Usha Kini, A Anuradha
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Solitary lateral lower lip sinus: A rare congenital anomaly p. 403
Prashant K Palwade
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A case of giant sebaceous carcinoma localized in the breast area of a male patient p. 403
Antonio Ascari-Raccagni, Adina Dondas, Franco Padovani, Carlo Milandri, Maria Giovanna Righini, Giusto Trevisan
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Disfiguring morphology of tuberous sclerosis p. 403
Sujay Khandpur, Sandeep Gupta
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Multiple brownish papules on the penile shaft p. 404
Huang Ching-Fu, Wang Wei-Ming, Wu Bai-Yao
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Vitiligo-Leukoderma-Textbook and Atlas p. 405
Davinder Parsad
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