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Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology

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2013| July-August  | Volume 79 | Issue 4  

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Author misconduct: What journal editors do when they suspect and find it? p. 453
Savita Yadav, Dipankar De
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Basic genetics for dermatologists p. 457
Muthu Sendhil Kumaran, Dipankar De
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Mongolian spots p. 469
Divya Gupta, Devinder Mohan Thappa
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Misnomers in dermatology: Time to change and update p. 479
Manjunath Hulmani, Mohan Kudur
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Measurement of vitamin D and cathelicidin (LL-37) levels in patients of psoriasis with co-morbidities p. 492
Nawaf Al-Mutairi, Bayoumi EL Eassa, Vasanthy Nair
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Photosensitive spongiotic/lichenoid eruption of micropapules and plaques: A morphologically distinct entity p. 497
Nidhi Shah, Binod K Khaitan, M Ramam, Vinod K Sharma, Manoj K Singh
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Low dose intravenous immunoglobulins and steroids in toxic epidermal necrolysis: A prospective comparative open-labelled study of 36 cases p. 506
Soumya Jagadeesan, K Sobhanakumari, Sadeep Melethil Sadanandan, Sheeba Ravindran, Manjula Velikkakathu Divakaran, Lissy Skaria, George Kurien
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Clinical, bacteriological, and histopathological characteristics of newly detected children with leprosy: A population based study in a defined rural and urban area of Maharashtra, Western India p. 512
Vanaja P Shetty, Sunil D Ghate, Anju V Wakade, Uday H Thakar, Dona V Thakur, Etheldreda D'souza
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A rare presentation of mammary Paget's disease involving the entire breast in the absence of any underlying ductal malignancy p. 518
Shuchi Bansal, Bijaylaxmi Sahoo, Pooja Agarwal, Vijay K Garg, Seema Rao
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Exogenous ochronosis p. 522
Avina Jain, Sathish B Pai, Shrutakirthi D Shenoi
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Use of intralesional bleomycin as primary therapy in macrocystic lymphangiomas p. 524
Vishesh Jain, Anup Mohta, Mamta Sengar, Kalpana Bansal, Kuldeep Valvi
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Efficacy and tolerability of combined treatment with NB-UVB and topical tacrolimus versus NB-UVB alone in patients with vitiligo vulgaris: A randomized intra-individual open comparative trial p. 525
Haldar S Satyanarayan, Amrinder J Kanwar, Davinder Parsad, Keshavamurthy Vinay
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Primary dapsone resistant Mycobacterium leprae in a non endemic country p. 527
Adawiyah Jamil, Noorlaily M Noor, Amrish S Osman, Mazlin M Baseri, Leelavathi Muthupalaniappen
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Alopecia areata in a patient receiving infliximab p. 529
Nerea Ormaechea-Pérez, Arantxa López-Pestańa, Ana Isabel Muńagorri-Santos, Ane Jaka Moreno, Anna Tuneu-Valls
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A unique case of thrombosis in Behçet's disease with methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase homozygous polymorphism and raised homocysteine levels p. 531
Biju Vasudevan, Rajesh Verma, Vijendran Pragasam, Ajay Malik, Ruby Venugopal, Manoj Gopal
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Basal cell carcinoma in a child with xeroderma pigmentosum: Clinical response with electron beam radiation therapy p. 533
Puja Sahai, Karuna Singh, Seema Sharma, Seema Kashyap, Bidhu Kalyan Mohanti
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Alopecia areata - Vitiligo overlap syndrome: An emerging clinical variant p. 535
AS Krishnaram, Anuj Saigal, Balaji Adityan
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Paclitaxel induced systemic lupus erythematosus in a case of cervical carcinoma p. 537
Swapnil A Sanghavi, Siddhi Chikhalkar, Uday S Khopkar
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Pemphigus occurring at tuberculin injection site: Role of cytokines in acantholysis p. 539
Keshavamurthy Vinay, Amrinder J Kanwar, Uma N Saikia
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Sulfasalazine induced lichen planus in a patient of rheumatoid arthritis p. 541
Sangita Ghosh, Vijay K Jain, Soumik Chaudhuri, Satyavir Kishore Mathur
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Sparing phenomena in dermatology p. 545
Jaheersha Pakran
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Painful nodule on forearm p. 551
Jyoti Gupta, Purnima Paliwal, V Ramesh
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The syphilis epidemic in Shandong province, China: An analysis based on surveillance data from 2004 to 2011 p. 553
Dianchang Liu, Tongsheng Chu, Shumin Chen
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Clinical outcome of collodion baby: A retrospective review p. 553
Sacchidanand S Aradhya, Sahana M Srinivas, Ravi Hiremagalore, Asha G Shanmukappa
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Acanthosis nigricans--An uncommon cutaneous adverse effect of a common medication: Report of two cases p. 553
Gitesh U Sawatkar, Sunil Dogra, Sanjay K Bhadada, Amrinder J Kanwar
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Lipoblastoma in an 8-year-old child: An atypical presentation of a rare tumor p. 553
A Nuno-Gonzalez, FJ Vicente-Martin, E Gomez de la Fuente, JL Lopez-Estebaranz
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Generalized lichen nitidus: Successful treatment with systemic isotretinoin p. 554
Ilteris Oguz Topal, Gonca Gokdemir, Ilknur Mansuroglu Sahin
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Tinea corporis due to Trichophyton mentagrophytes and Trichophyton tonsurans mimicking tinea imbricata p. 554
Angoori Gnaneshwar Rao, Nandini Datta
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Localized bullous pemphigoid occurring on surgical scars p. 554
Bilge Bülbül Sen, Özlem Ekiz, Emine Nur Rifaioglu, Tugba Sen, Esin Atik, Asena Çigdem Dogramaci
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Granulomatous inflammation with chronic folliculitis as a complication of bee sting acupuncture p. 554
Noo Ri Lee, Sung-Yul Lee, Won-Soo Lee
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Hereditary papulotranslucent acrokeratoderma: A simultaneous presentation in daughter and mother p. 555
Yunyun Sun, Hong Jia
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Idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia presenting as recurrent giant molluscum contagiosum p. 555
Sandeep Arora, Gulhima Arora, Kavita Sahai, Priyanka Borde
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Current best evidence from dermatology literature p. 556
Sonia Mangal, Muthu Sendhil Kumaran
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