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Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine

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2013| October-December  | Volume 35 | Issue 4  

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Employing psychotherapy across cultures and contexts p. 323
KS Jacob
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Dhat syndrome: A review of the world literature p. 326
Koushik Sinha Deb, Yatan Pal Singh Balhara
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Mental health care of older people: can the district mental health program of India make a difference? p. 332
Harish M Tharayil, Anish Thomas, Bindu V Balan, KS Shaji
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Psychiatric morbidity among inmates of leprosy homes p. 335
KC Jindal, Gurvinder Pal Singh, Varinder Mohan, BB Mahajan
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Assessment of cognitive behavioral therapy on quality of life of patients with chronic war-related post-traumatic stress disorder p. 341
Mohammadjavad Ahmadizadeh, Khodabakhsh Ahmadi, Jafar Anisi, Amir Bahrami Ahmadi
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Impact of comorbidity on three month follow-up outcome of children with ADHD in a child guidance clinic: Preliminary report p. 346
Rangan Srinivasaraghavan, Subramanian Mahadevan, Shivanand Kattimani
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Caregivers burden of patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder: A sectional study p. 352
S Vasudeva, Chandra K Sekhar, Prasad G Rao
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Validation of Hindi translation of SRPB facets of WHOQOL-SRPB scale p. 358
Sandeep Grover, Ruchita Shah, Parmanand Kulhara
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Schedule of factors influencing access to psychiatric treatment in persons with schizophrenia: Validity and pilot testing p. 364
K Shanivaram Reddy, Jagadisha Thirthalli, C Naveen Kumar, N Krishna Reddy, NR Renukadevi, Vikram Singh Rawat, Jayashree Ramkrishna, Bangalore N Gangadhar
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Effect of educational module on knowledge of primary school teachers regarding early symptoms of childhood psychiatric disorders p. 368
Liza Thankam Daniel, Sandhya Gupta, Rajesh Sagar
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Health status of the prisoners in a central jail of south India p. 373
Sunil D Kumar, Santosh A Kumar, Jayashree V Pattankar, Shrinivas B Reddy, Murali Dhar
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An exploratory analysis of personality factors contributed to suicide attempts p. 378
P. N. Suresh Kumar, V Rajmohan, K Sushil
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Factorial validity and reliability of the tamil version of multidimensional scale of perceived social support among a group of participants in University Malaya Medical Centre, Malaysia p. 385
Ng Chong Guan, Abdul Rasyid Sulaiman, Loh Huai Seng, Anne Yee Hway Ann, Suzaily Wahab, Subash Kumar Pillai
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Coping styles and its association with sources of stress in undergraduate medical students p. 389
Sandhya Cherkil, Seby J Gardens, Deepak Kuttikatt Soman
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Adolescent male peer sexual abuse: An issue often neglected p. 394
Girish H Banwari
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Tiapride for the treatment of auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia p. 397
Sagar Karia, Nilesh Shah, Avinash De Sousa, Sushma Sonavane
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Recurrent dissociative fugue p. 400
Abhishek Mamarde, Praveen Navkhare, Amrita Singam, Akash Kanoje
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Atypical charles bonnet syndrome p. 402
Priti Arun, Rajan Jain, Vaibhav Tripathi
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Cannabinoid hyper-emesis syndrome: An enigma p. 405
Neeraj Gupta, Oladele Ojo, Kanishka Muruthettuwegama
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Early onset obsessive compulsive disorder with obsessive slowness: A case report and demonstration of management p. 407
Ashish Kumar Mittal, Pradipta Majumder, Alok Agrawal, Mamta Sood, Sudhir Kumar Khandelwal
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Transient eating problems in an adolescent without body image disturbances: A diagnostic quandary p. 410
Siddharth Sarkar, Susanta Kumar Padhy, Pradyumna Rao, Sunil Gupta
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Linezolid-induced near-fatal serotonin syndrome during escitalopram therapy: Case report and review of literature p. 413
Ranganath R Kulkarni, Pratibha R Kulkarni
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Gratification disorder mimicking childhood epilepsy in an 18-month-old Nigerian girl: A case report and review of the literature p. 417
Aliyu Ibrahim, Belonwu Raymond
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Is semen loss syndrome a psychological or physical illness? A case for conflict of interest p. 420
Shivanand Kattimani, Vikas Menon, Manohar Kant Shrivastava
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Olanzapine-induced tardive oculogyric crises p. 423
Amar D Bavle, Girish M. N. Kumar
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"Psychosis and Escherichia coli infection: A forgotten issue": Our observation p. 425
Gurvinder Pal Singh, Naveen Kumar Kansal, Neeraj Loona
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New avenues in management of trichotillomania p. 425
Omna Chawla, Gurvinder Pal Singh, Naveen Kumar Kansal
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Emerging H7N9 infection, a concern on psychological manifestation p. 427
Beuy Joob, Viroj Wiwanitkit
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Intelligence in Autism p. 428
Vanitha S Rao, MV Ashok
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Celebrations with dead: Psychological necessity of a newly opened medical college p. 429
Ramesh Aggarwal
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