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Indian Journal of Orthopaedics

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2012| March-April  | Volume 46 | Issue 2  

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Tuberculosis of the spine p. 127
Anil K Jain, S Rajasekaran
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Treatment of displaced intraarticular calcaneal fractures with or without bone grafts: A systematic review of the literature p. 130
Yunfeng Yang, Hongmou Zhao, Jiaqian Zhou, Guangrong Yu
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Efficacy of directly observed treatment short-course intermittent regimen in spinal tuberculosis p. 138
Rejith Valsalan, Rajesh Purushothaman, MK Raveendran, Balaji Zacharia, Sibin Surendran
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The role of debridement and reconstruction of sagittal balance in tuberculous spondylitis p. 145
Alper Gokce, Yusuf Ozturkmen, Savas Mutlu, N Selim Gokay, Murat Tonbul, Mustafa Caniklioglu
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Spinal tuberculosis in children: Retrospective analysis of 124 patients p. 150
Myung-Sang Moon, Sung-Soo Kim, Bong-Jin Lee, Jeong-Lim Moon
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Outcome of minimally invasive surgery in the management of tuberculous spondylitis p. 159
Pankaj Kandwal, Bhavuk Garg, BN Upendra, Budhadev Chowdhury, A Jayaswal
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Anterior versus posterior procedure for surgical treatment of thoracolumbar tuberculosis: A retrospective analysis p. 165
Bhavuk Garg, Pankaj Kandwal, Bidre Nagaraja Upendra, Ankur Goswami, Arvind Jayaswal
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Tuberculosis spine: Therapeutically refractory disease p. 171
Anil K Jain, Ish K Dhammi, Prashant Modi, Jaswant Kumar, Ravi Sreenivasan, Namita Singh Saini
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Short term analysis of healed post-tubercular kyphosis in younger children based on principles of congenital kyphosis p. 179
Shantanu S Deshpande, Rujuta Mehta, MG Yagnik
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Magnetic resonance imaging findings in spinal tuberculosis: Comparison of HIV positive and negative patients p. 186
Cameron Michael Anley, Andrew D Brandt, Robert Dunn
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Tuberculosis of hip in children: A retrospective analysis p. 191
Myung-Sang Moon, Sung-Soo Kim, Sung-Rak Lee, Young-Wan Moon, Jeong-Lim Moon, Seog-In Moon
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Tuberculosis of the elbow: A clinicoradiological analysis p. 200
Mandeep S Dhillon, Akshay Goel, Sharad Prabhakar, Sameer Aggarwal, Vikas Bachhal
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Tuberculosis of the foot: An osteolytic variety p. 206
Mandeep S Dhillon, Sameer Aggarwal, Sharad Prabhakar, Vikas Bachhal
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Femoral head-neck offset in the Indian population: A CT based study p. 212
Rajesh Malhotra, Arun Kannan, Ramprasad Kancherla, Dharmesh Khatri, Vijay Kumar
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Functional outcome of closed fractures of proximal humerus managed by Joshi's external stabilizing system p. 216
Anil Kumar Gupta, Manu Gupta, Gyanendra Sengar, Rajendra Nath
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Supracondylar femoral extension osteotomy and patellar tendon advancement in the management of persistent crouch gait in cerebral palsy p. 221
Sakti Prasad Das, Sudhakar Pradhan, Shankar Ganesh, Pabitra Kumar Sahu, Ram Narayan Mohanty, Sanjay Kumar Das
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Radiography and sonography of clubfoot: A comparative study p. 229
Satish Kumar Bhargava, Anupama Tandon, Meenakshi Prakash, Shobha S Arora, Shuchi Bhatt, Sumeet Bhargava
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Chronic triceps insufficiency managed with extensor carpi radialis longus and palmaris longus tendon grafts p. 236
Dhanpal Singh, K Arun Kumar, MC Dinesh, Ranju Raj
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Bilateral multiligament injury of knee caused by entangled dupatta p. 239
Shrinand V Vaidya, Ambarish A Mathesul, Atul N Panghate, Roshan Wade, Dhiraj V Sonawane
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Trochleoplasty and medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction for recurrent patellar dislocation p. 242
K Raghuveer Reddy, N Somasekhar Reddy
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Aspergillus vertebral osteomyelitis in immunocompetent patients p. 246
Somika Sethi, Fouzia Siraj, KL Kalra, P Chopra
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Closed retrograde retrieval of the distal broken segment of femoral cannulated intramedullary nail using a ball-tipped guide wire: A comment p. 251
Sumit Arora, Lalit Maini, Dhananjaya Sabat, VK Gautam
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Author's reply p. 252
Sreenivasulu Metikala, Riazuddin Mohammed
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Evaluation of the syndesmotic-only fixation for Weber - C ankle fractures with syndesmotic injury: A comment p. 253
Sanjay Meena
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Author's reply p. 253
R Mohammed, S Syed, S Metikala, SA Ali
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Subtrochanteric valgus osteotomy in developmental coxa vara: A comment p. 254
Myung-Sang Moon
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Author's reply p. 255
Tamer EL-Sobky
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