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Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine

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2011| July-December  | Volume 33 | Issue 2  

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Electro-convulsive therapy: A few lingering thoughts/doubts! p. 103
MS Reddy
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Alzheimer's disease - Not an exaggeration of healthy aging p. 106
Krishnendu Ghosh, Pratibha Agarwal, Greg Haggerty
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Predictive value of depression and social support with respect to alcohol abstinence p. 115
Parnika P Saxena, AK Mital
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Expressed emotion and caregiver burden in patients with schizophrenia p. 119
BP Nirmala, MN Vranda, Shanivaram Reddy
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Insomnia associated with depressive disorder: Primary, secondary, or mixed? p. 123
Ravi Gupta, Vivekananda Lahan
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A comparative study of treatment-seeking inhalant abusers across two cohorts from a tertiary care center in India p. 129
Yatan Pal Singh Balhara, Rohit Verma, Smita N Deshpande
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A single blind comparative clinical study of the effects of chlorpromazine and risperidone on positive and negative symptoms in patients of schizophrenia p. 134
Amrita Prakash Singam, Abhishek Mamarde, Prakash B Behere
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Quality of antidepressant drugs research articles published in Indian medical journals p. 141
Jaykaran Charan, Deepak Saxena, Preeti Yadav, ND Kantharia
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A comparative study of stress among students of medicine, engineering, and nursing p. 145
Shashank P Behere, Richa Yadav, Prakash B Behere
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Dilemmas in private psychiatric practice p. 149
Nanasaheb M Patil, Raghavendra B Nayak, Govind S Bhogale, Sameeran S Chate
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Analysis of adverse drug reactions of atypical antipsychotic drugs in psychiatry OPD p. 153
Kiran G Piparva, JG Buch, Kalpesh V Chandrani
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Internet addiction and modeling its risk factors in medical students, Iran p. 158
Farhad Ghamari, Abolfazl Mohammadbeigi, Narges Mohammadsalehi, Amir Almasi Hashiani
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Children with medically unexplained pain symptoms: Categorization and effective management p. 163
Sharmishtha S Deshpande, G Vidya, Neelima S Bendre, Madhav R Ghate
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A cross-sectional descriptive study of prevalence and nature of psychiatric referrals from intensive care units in a multispecialty hospital p. 167
Govind S Bhogale, Raghavendra B Nayak, Mary Dsouza, Sameeran S Chate, Meenakshi B Banahatti
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Translation and validation of the insomnia severity index in hindi language p. 172
Vivekananda Lahan, Ravi Gupta
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Cognitive dysfunction in normally aging urban older adults: A community-based study p. 177
Rakesh Kumar Tripathi, SC Tiwari
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Deliberate self-harm: A search for distinct group of suicide p. 182
Amit Kumar Bhattacharya, Subir Bhattacharjee, Somsubhra Chattopadhyay, Paramita Roy, Dipankar Kanji, Om Prakash Singh
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Genital self mutilation in alcohol withdrawal state complicated with delirium p. 188
Sri Hari Charan, C. M. Pavan Kumar Reddy
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Prolonged apnea following modified electroconvulsive therapy with suxamethonium p. 191
TM Omprakash, P Surender
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Kleine-Levin syndrome and idiopathic hypersomnia: Spectrum disorders p. 194
Ravi Gupta, Vivekananda Lahan, Malini Srivastava
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
A cross-cultural comparison of objectivity in childhood games: Iran and the United States p. 199
Ali Rastegarpour
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Obsessive compulsive disorder as early manifestation of b12 deficiency p. 203
Maryam Valizadeh, Nasim Valizadeh
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Lorazepam-induced short-term remission of symptoms in a case of paranoid schizophrenia p. 205
Shubhangi R Parkar, Chetali Dhuri, V Arun Kumar
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Acyclovir in bipolar disorder: A mismatched combination? p. 208
Naveen Jayaram, Naren P Rao, Ganesan Venkatasubramanian, S Sanmuganathan, Rishikesh V Behere, Shivaram Varambally, Bangalore N Gangadhar
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Culture-bound syndrome: Has it found its right niche? p. 210
Yatan Pal Singh Balhara
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Benzodiazepines Misuse p. 216
Viroj Wiwanitkit
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in depression: Studies from India p. 216
Samir Kumar Praharaj
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Use of Indian scale for assessment of autism in child guidance clinic: An experience p. 217
Suravi Patra, Priti Arun
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Should doctors be psychologically healthier than the general population? p. 219
C Shamasundar
[ABSTRACT]  [HTML Full text]  [PDF]
Erratum p. 162
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